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  1. Niether is true here, lesbian assaults are super common, I've cut out several lesbian friends due to finding out they assaulted my other female friends. They just don't get reported.

  2. In the 60-70s they were saying we'd be frozen by the 80s. In the 80-90s they said we would be burning and all dying by the 2000s, I care for our planet, but I've learned to be very skeptical about this stuff.

  3. Fun fact all those things were true at the time just like the predictions are true now. But we made changes to prevent those disasters.

  4. Next you would hear that violens in lesbian relationships is beacuse there are no men to protect women, so once agian mens fault

  5. Actually last time I showed someone that statistic they said they were counting the relationships with men before they started dating women.

  6. What's depressing is I saw a post on a feminist sub complaining about how men have just as high standards for women as women do for men. When all the data shows men consistently rate women as a whole higher than women rate men as a whole.

  7. Yeah totally i 100% agree you are so right people can be so weird smh

  8. How is sexualizing a character who's made to be sexual weird? Do you also have a problem with Fuze's sexy beach scene?

  9. PS - feminists can't even define what a woman is so how do they even know what they do or don't support? I brought this up to a feminist and her response was "gulp .... errm ... yeah .... nervous twitch .... that'[s something they need to work out"

  10. I never got this, we know what a woman is just like we know what a table is. Yet for some reason the people arguing both sides are oblivious to this. Do you know what a table is? Do you know what a woman is?

  11. That's so weird to me, I read it as, "find someone you love more than they love themselves." pretty much don't date a narcissist. Date someone who sees your worth and the worth in you even if you don't see it.

  12. The reason for this is because most feminist women are disingenuous and don’t engage with men honestly. They use repulsive tactics such as shaming sexuality or JAQing off to make this movement less credible. There is one in about every thread and don’t even mention the DM’s some of the posters here get.

  13. It's especially frustrating since we know they stalk these posts daily since men will post a personal or social issue and it will end up on a feminist sub saying how misogynistic it is for men to talk about their issues.

  14. I know this is just a call out, but this is a dumb question. And in reality is just "would you find it acceptable if a stranger had the opportunity to save one of your loved ones, but saved their loved one instead"

  15. Women are incentivavised to be fucking awful. They are rewarded for it. Wether it be a tantrum, a lie, or abuse.

  16. You don't have to assume anything. Both sides deserve to be innocent until proven guilty. Just wait for proof to come out.

  17. While I get your frustration, as other people have said this is not the right approach and actually causes more harm for men than good.

  18. My college has free tampon+maxipad dispensers in the men’s restrooms. I understand the whole period poverty issue is a thing, so I have no problem with them giving away free tampons to students. It’s just bizarre that they’re in the men’s restrooms. I’d prefer if the machine dispensed packets of ball wipes, body powder, condoms, or literally anything else that could actually be used by men.

  19. That's because trans men exist. It's important for trans people to have access to their needs when they're using the bathroom rather than awkwardly seeing a guy going into the women's restroom because they need period products. But I do agree that it would be nice to have the male equivalent of tampons in the restroom as well.

  20. Downvoted for being correct, disappointing. Why is this subreddit so transphobic, it seems to be a 50/50 spilt if a trans-positive comment will be downvoted or upvoted on this sub.

  21. Yeah I was surprised because I got a notification saying I has 10 up votes only to see it was in the negative. But transphobia isn't new so it's not that surprising. I've also seen a lot of transphobia in the women's subreddits as well.

  22. I agree that it’s rape the problem comes in proving it, like most rape cases. Birth control fails all the time so just because the woman got pregnant doesn’t mean she lied.

  23. I don't personally agree with that argument since rape is hard to prove in general. We're just saying that if you have proof should it be classified as rape. Which I saw in another comment you said yes. But it's concerning when I see people argue that just because something is hard to prove it shouldn't be illegal.

  24. Okay, tell me how you approach women

  25. The is nothing funny about pretending to know a girls boyfriend and saying "save some girls for the rest of us" it's creepy and uncomfortable.

  26. Well, all those things worked for me so far, so your opinion doesn’t really matter to me

  27. Yeah because again, if you keep trying something over and over again probability says it's going to work. It doesn't make it any less creepy lol. But yeah have a good one

  28. While it's dumb of them to blame your abuse by your mother on men. You're not gay because of women. That's not how sexuality works.

  29. I know, but like the other person said, it's kind of a sick burn. Btw, my post was poorly worded but the mother in question was not my mother. I was venting about my wife's friend.

  30. My bad I misunderstood your post. But still that's not how sexuality works

  31. The AI can be confused by the context, by having put together terms, by the rest of the request or by pure chance.

  32. Again, it's not perfect, it has a disclaimer for a reason. But it's also not going to let you make a misandrist joke.

  33. You could probably sell a F tone of these to kids by rebranding it as eye of enders and make a kill switch after a few seconds of flight

  34. Not even kids I would buy a fuck ton for myself.

  35. NAH unlike what most people seem to think, you're not an asshole for feeling uncomfortable with the way her doctor is acting towards you and her. But this could have been handled in a better way. I would suggest communicating how it makes you feel uncomfortable and how you don't feel comfortable going with her to these appointments anymore. Then ultimately it's up to her to decide which is more important to her. You being there with her, or her seeing that doctor.

  36. What sucks the most is the only advice I see women give on what to do is just them saying "the bare minimum" "the bar is so low" which obviously is not the case.

  37. Those were examples of insults that actually hurt women, I am not insulting anyone.

  38. Like I said, I don't need to prove anything to you. I said what I said. That's exactly how I do it. I'm sorry that you're bored and think you have to pick it apart my post.

  39. We just think it's hilarious that someone could be so confidently incorrect that they are afraid to explain their logic because it would alter their world view. You know you're wrong that's why you refuse to explain your reasoning. Cunninghams law baby.

  40. maybe their should be a site for men worried about false complaints by women.. when women say its just a woman hating group point out hypocrisy

  41. If this falls flat I think that's a good idea. Just make the equivalent but specifically for women who post false information in these groups.

  42. Critical race theory and feminist patriarchy theory are both influenced by the Frankfurt school critical theory. They both make the same basic argument that there are oppressive classes, and oppressed victim classes. They’re both identity politics aimed at justifying some groups of people be advantaged, regardless of the situation of the individual. The more minority statuses one can claim, the more oppressed they are. Oprah Winfrey is doubly oppressed while a homeless, disabled vet that’s a white male is privileged.

  43. There are actually two types of racism. The clarify most people call them racial prejudice, which op experienced. And systemic racism, which is what CRT goes into depth about. The problem is the average person falsely assumes they are the same thing and doesn't understand what CRT is. CRT simply explains that you're more likely to experience racism in America if you are a minority. Not that you automatically have it worse than everyone else like the woman in this case seems to believe.

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