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  1. South Alabama is one of my favorite stadiums to score in :)

  2. Android users that use Chome, enabled 'simplified view for wevpages' under Settings -> Accessibility for Chromes reader mode, which also bypasses most pay walls.

  3. I'd agree but there's literally no better team to put above them lmao.

  4. Such a good game, imagine if this was revamped in 2022 with full roster and new tracks!

  5. Lost power steering at Rockingham as a kid in career mode, thought it was a cool challenge

  6. I remember losing a gear at Pocono once as well. I junked the car once I realized I couldn’t win lol

  7. If they made a new series with compact trucks. Nissan, Mazda, Ranger, S10, Dakota, Tundra. I’m sure there’s more.

  8. I still have this Brad Keselowski 2014 shirt with me if you want it.

  9. I've got a Jimmie Johnson 2010 shirt available still if you'd like

  10. Thats Dr Jerry Punch to you, He didn't spend 4 years getting a doctorate to be called "jerry punch" /s

  11. There should be a championship banner that gets hung up at Phoenix 1 every year. And remains up until the following year. When the new championship banner is hung.

  12. Screw it give the champion from the previous year pole at the first time back at Phoenix.

  13. Hey why is Letarte not gonna be there? Undisclosed reason?

  14. Ok reading all the replies holy crap, hate it for him as he's my 2nd favorite NBC announcer. Although makes me feel better about my appendix hope it hangs on for a while cause that do make me anxious

  15. Can Ross just stick the watermelon inside of it instead of smashing it on Sunday?

  16. Biffle to the 51/or whatever the all star truck is, and no way possible prediction is Matty D to KBM

  17. Given that Jones almost has to pay back Gibbs, is there any chance JGR just doesn't let Jones drive next week?

  18. Honestly I'm cool with it. 10 bucks instead of 20 or 30 from what I was hearing. New audio. Let's see if they honor it

  19. Oh my God I miss Alan Bestwick so much. He has such a way with words

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