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  1. I personally think that most folks who want to change things badly enough to kill somebody for it also tend to be able to factor in the unintended side effects of doing so.

  2. Most definitely ro-tee. Only ever heard it being called row-tee by tourists

  3. Its these kind of things that should inspire political revolution. Sad that it might just feed into cynicism.

  4. Yeahh maybe dominate isnt the right word. The implication is that the "other" gets suppressed and islam doesnt condone tyranny.

  5. TIL: Confident guys are assholes.

  6. Its pretty much why the two got conflated in their little stereotypes. Confident men make them even more insecure too.

  7. The growth and development of boys and young men clearly have a few problems in several cultures. Repression, in all forms, always makes dark psychological traits come back with a vengeance. I dont think enough people understand just how preventable that makes senseless violence like this

  8. Came here to say something similar. My brown mom will cling onto me wherever i will go :/

  9. Or the classic : "What do you have to be depressed about"

  10. Movies don't like to feature married couples being happy.

  11. Not unless one of the spouses die or go missing

  12. How would that make the couple happy... .-.

  13. Lol no I meant couples are usually depicted as happy if the plot eventually goes sour with one of them

  14. There are quite opposing opinions in islam because eating insects is seen as dirty, but the prophet has eaten grasshoppers aswell and they don't have to be slaughtered. Hanafi scholars say no, Maliki scholars allow it, Hanbali allow some and forbid eating others. It all seems very opportunistic.

  15. Doesnt it usually? I wonder what the Prophet would say about the differences in opinions between the schools of thought.

  16. Legitimate concern here. It was basically jesus again except he was on fire and after ascending everyone started killing eachother and fucking goats and children.

  17. I dont mean to sound pretentious or anything, but things didnt exactly get that bad till the relatively recent past. Hell what is known as the Islamic "Golden Age" came long after Muhammad had passed. When Muslim philosophers stopped believing faith and reason could be mutually exclusive was when things started getting bad.

  18. what does this mean anyone care to explain?

  19. It labels anyone who is slightly progressive as a "hypocrite" and a bad person

  20. What are you talking about? He was chief editor before 20, he didn't have to give up anything or go through a real "I'm doing the wrong choice" in his life.

  21. This might not be a one to one analogy, but if I was chief editor now (I'm 20) I would still feel pretty toxic about friends who go on to be doctors or engineers or whatnot. I know I shouldnt, but growing up the way I did, I cant help but whisper a quiet shame to myself if i was a comic writer. Im living in a backwards society. Stan grew up in a time like that too.

  22. No disrespect but people who hold this view are usually distanced from societies outside the western world. My mother was married at the age of 14 and had a happy marriage with my father who was 29 at the time. Life was different back then. I wouldn't do it for myself or my kids, but if oil runs out and life changes again, then we'd have to adopt according to circumstances.

  23. I live in a highly conservative, conformist South Asian country. However you are right. I am distanced from it in a certain way, as I have been a social pariah. People think I'm strange, and my own parents have called me ill of my mind, just because I began thinking freely for myself.

  24. I always feared i'd see a cringe post with my mother tongue on it. Sri Lankan cringe is a hotbed.

  25. You do know there have been times in Islamic history when the death penalty was outlawed because it was considered unjust? Umar (RA) did it for a short period of time, is he a kafir then, as well? (Also, I am not comparing Ilhan to Umar (RA), just clarifiying something) Even in the Sharia, the death penalty is an absolute last resort for the most heinous of crimes (and even then, the accused has a chance to ask for forgiveness)

  26. I hope you know how valuable people like you are. Nothing better than a useful and truthful perspective.

  27. I think thats just something that varies on a great deal of things. Im from a relatively "desi" culture and my parents didnt have much of a problem according to them and their friends. Its harder to find someone period.

  28. Dude, have you witnessed the suck it and see era? Or even just Submarine, that dude was such a puppy in those days.

  29. Musics always a debate man. Alot of people will tell you music is haram period. Others will tell you otherwise. As far as Dj Khaled goes, I dont think he even knows how to practice the faith. On Larry King Live he said he prays 50 times a day, and that his "prayer" consists of just looking at the sky and talking to god.

  30. Colombo city is pricey to live in. Rent for a studio apartment style setup is about 20k or above. You should find places as low as 10k a month and above in the suburbs like Rajagriya and Kohuwala. Prices will drop the further away you are from the city and they will increase the more square feet you're looking for.

  31. It really does especially in the west and being young

  32. Oh i meant more as in reconciling a cruel world with the idea of god. If i'm not mistaken you meant temptation?

  33. Yeah I see my people around me partying enjoying life and I live in a bubble. Like late night drives, sleepovers, parties and general being out I felt like I missed out on so much

  34. Man i'm sorry youve had to go through that. Here's hoping it will all be worth it in the end.

  35. I cannot believe some people actually support being gay and same sex intercourse. Look at what happened to the people of Prophet Lut, they got obliterated for having sexual intercourse with same sex/gender. I dont see why people need to debate this, theres some goddamn proof right in front of you, Allah set an example what happens when one commits homosexual acts. What is happening to us, we need to hold on to our Islamic roots and refute the "normal" values that society is creating and accepting. Astaghfurallah!

  36. Werent the people of Lot attempting to commit rape?

  37. Because I love my child and value them in my life. If I “shun” their partner is would cause a divide. I’m there to be their parent full stop. I don’t get to pick or choose when and where.

  38. I really wish I had a mom like you. I'm not even gay, but my mother has always chosen her own interests over me. She wouldnt even finance an education that wasnt of her choosing. Couple with a denial of my poor mental health, its been quite a while of suffering, and a lot of wishing that she was someone like you.

  39. Same, came here to say it. Alex is truly one of the greatest songwriters alive rn.

  40. Nah, that was ma boi Alex Hamilton

  41. Dont give up hope brother. As a guitar player, I recently bought a cheap used keyboard and dug into it. Thanks to some music theory its been a journey. Its never too late.

  42. You guys are so rock and roll! Great job, and keep going strong brother

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