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  1. My buddy and I have a scientific hypothesis: The less you talk to the person cutting your hair, the better the haircut turns out.

  2. I would love to see the data on that because I think you’re right lol my hair always looks a lot better when I am basically sleeping while they cuts it

  3. My barber doesn’t know English and probably hates me so I’m free of this dilemma

  4. Hmm a barber that hates you sounds like a terrible combo lol

  5. Getting grounded at 22 hits different than when I was 7. Sometimes I wish I got grounded more often

  6. Put a spoiler bro. I wasn't really ready to see corpse jerky today

  7. You’re right. My bad, I forget it can be pretty disturbing to most people

  8. I can assure you the little boy in this meme is distressed far beyond your imagination

  9. And you probably buy pictures of feet on the internet

  10. Those with the strongest wills can just be gay and have unlimited gamers.

  11. Men here agree and women here are mad in the comments

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