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  1. Interesting to know that someone is actually using that weapon.

  2. What about that jumping puzzle to get to the Frenzied Flame ending?

  3. I found going in a circular motion while descending to work 100% of the time in my personal experience. But yeah my sample size is only 2 so far lol.

  4. DS3 is the closest to Elden Ring in terms of combat but if you plan to eventually play all souls games might be worth starting with Remastered.

  5. I have never really been invested into the multiplayer part of Elden Ring, so I don't think I'll be into MP in DS. I think I'll go for DS3 when the sale hits since it has deeper mechanics wrt previous titles.

  6. Not sure I would consider DS3 to have deeper mechanics, as the game is more streamlined than the previous games but it does feel more fluid imo.

  7. Bioshock is free right now until next Thursday on epic games store.

  8. Sucks that they chose to rerelease the crappy remasters with crashing issues and didn't even bundle the original versions with them. Apparently you can still get the originals on Steam, but only if you don't buy them bundled?

  9. Bought the bundle on steam about a year ago and got the originals along side the remastered. Not sure if things changed since then

  10. Oh it won't be directly back to back, because I've been burnt on that worn out sensation before, but if we assume it'll be 2023, I'd probably be better off playing around the end of the year, so the story is relatively fresh

  11. Wondering out of curiosity what the point of having the game in your library is this early when it stays untouched for about a year?

  12. Bought it on sale saying I'd play it, then got distracted by another game and said fuck it, leave it til later

  13. Regarding Yakuza , it’s very cutscene heavy when playing the main mission and sun stories. There is no English dub so you will be reading a lot. If that’s fine for you then I do recommend 0 for reasons mentioned in your post.

  14. Ghostrunner perhaps since you liked Katana Zero? There is a demo you can try out.

  15. I ´ m new to soul games and having my flasks in the wheel thing kept screwing me over cause I wouldn't be paying attention and I would use the wrong item so I just put it in my pouch. Is me having my flasks in my pouch frowned upon in the souls community?

  16. This is the first souls game with a pouch. Also why would it be frowned upon? People will have different preferences about where to put their flasks but seems weird to think it would be frowned upon.

  17. The one time I got a message appraised whilst playing was so annoying because it happened literally a second after using a healing flask. My brother in christ could you appraise just a little but faster?

  18. man people started putting messages on sites of grace as a troll and anyone who does that deserves to drink lukewarm coffee for the rest of their life.

  19. Wasn’t this confirmed to be a bug? Like the actual sites of graces were invisible nearby but for whatever reason it looked liked it was on top of the messages.

  20. Also the quickest way to go to Godrick, presuming you don’t die a couple of times along the way

  21. Does borderlands 3 continue with the story after the ending of pre sequel (when the alien show up) or is all of that scrapped?

  22. I thought pre sequel happens between 1 and 2? Haven’t finished it but just presumed it carried on in 2.

  23. It has multiplayer elements but can be purely played solo.

  24. What exactly did you dislike about Dark souls? the combat is closest to Dark Souls 3 and if you disliked the combat there chances are you won't like Elden Ring's combat either.

  25. Seems like to methis problem presumes that the DLC will be releasing soon as in the next few months but we don't know when exactly it will release. It may release in about a Year's time when you may feel like restarting from the beginning or something.

  26. 1.0 would imply it's out of Early Access, however that doesn't seem to be the case? The game is still being marketed as Early Access.

  27. 1.0 comes out in September from what I have seen. So yeah still early access.

  28. No I am saying it's currently still in Early Access currently , but will be in 1.0 in September when it won't be Early access anymore. But until then it will be Early Access.

  29. You could also argue it's a difficulty option. Like starting as wretch who is level 1 with almost no gear can be considered the hardest class to start with. Whereas vagabond starts off with some good armour, high health and decent weapons and shield.

  30. Yeah, depending on you are min-maxing for pvp your starter class of choice can change as well. If you are looking to make a mostly strength based character, points in intelligence could be considered wasted stats/levels for example.

  31. World was my first Monster Hunter and usually for me the first game I play in a series happens to be always my favourite. While I am enjoying Rise and would say it's great over all I still prefer World.

  32. Outside of porn, it means giving a low level character high level stuff to give them an advantage.

  33. I am feeling like odd one out here where I only heard Twinking in gaming context

  34. I know man. It was a joke about the wording.

  35. Really? I find Dark Souls quite a bit tougher myself. I'm surprised to see so many similar comments.

  36. Later games I would say are tougher then Hollow Knight but Remastered I found easier.

  37. Makes sense. I think because I tend to focus more on dodging and less on shields HK may have just naturally been easier for me.

  38. Played like 80% of the game with 10 Estus so I would say you are doing fine. There is an item you find that allows you to get up to 20 estus flasks.

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