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The Brazilian tradition says that the first portion of your birthday cake goes to the person you love the most, the boy gave it to his brother, who cried with happiness

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  1. George Forman grill - hardly used it and wasn’t big into cooking so it was just gimmicky.

  2. I love my ricer. I boil the potatoes whole and unpeeled and then put them in the ricer when done.

  3. What’s the difference between a counter top fryer and just using a pot? I’ve been looking into buying one but I can’t justify another appliance

  4. I always end up adopting her! And then I switch between the poor boy running around homeless in Dawnstar or the boy in the orphanage who talks about how much he wants a family

  5. This. In a lot of indigenous cultures this is still the norm. We only stopped it in western cultures within the last two or three centuries when breasts became overly sexualized for some reason, plus the industrial revolution introduced widely available processed baby food.

  6. I did baby led weaning and my last child nursed until he was 4. I’m in California. He didn’t nurse at that age in the daytime though. Just at bedtime.

  7. My boss would have large dinners for clients where he spent thousands. It would be like 10-20 people.

  8. I mostly drink English breakfast, Irish breakfast, lipton’s (never hot, only iced). I like oolong and Darjeeling tea as well. I mostly use Twinings or PG Tips

  9. His pasta sauce is great, has no added sugar, and is inexpensive. It’s the only jarred sauce I’ll buy.

  10. Philosophers stone and Chamber of secrets are children’s books. But the following 5 books are definitely not childrens books.

  11. They’re not children’s but they’re not adult books either. They’re young adult.

  12. Yeah. I think it’s closer to middle school than college.

  13. Thank you for sharing that! Totally chilling and satisfying.

  14. It was! I watched the 1979 tv episode on YouTube but it wasn’t as good as the story.

  15. I didn’t enjoy season 6 and didn’t really enjoy 5 when I first watched. I only watched season 6 because it was the last. On rewatched, I’d rewatch seasons 1 & 2 but skip the rest. Then I rewatched all of them and came to appreciate the final seasons, but I don’t think they’re as good as the first ones. I disliked the movie, too.

  16. The dna test should come with a free three month premium membership to help you connect with your matches.

  17. Ace if I could get another proper season of McCoy.

  18. Bring back Toontown Online. I really really miss that game.

  19. There's no one way to make a food because it varies from household to household. You see so many people get angry about shit like "that isn't how you make a REAL lasagna" but if you took 5 native Italian grandmas and got them to make a lasagna you'd have 5 different recipes.

  20. I’ve watched numerous videos in “authentic” lasagna and they’re all very different. I just make my mom’s which is a recipe she got from a caterer of Italian descent. I don’t know how authentic it is, and I don’t care. It’s simple and good.

  21. Grandma used to skewer 2 cloves of garlic with a toothpick, one at each end of the casserole. She'd take them out and throw them away before serving.

  22. One o think I learned about Italian food is they don’t use as much garlic as Italian American food.

  23. I was very idealistic at 20, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, so I applied for graduate school. I wasn’t dating at 20. I was desperately in love with a boy who lived so far away from me, it was safe. I could push away potential dates because of this other guy who I knew k would never be with. It kept me quite safe (I came of age during the AIDS crisis but before we really knew about HIV and were taught that you could have a sexual encounter and it know your have AIDS for ten years. Kinda out a damper on things). I felt like such a mature person, and I was, but I was also very naive about the “real world.” I didn’t settle in a career until I was like 34.

  24. That change is slow. That fear and anger make people vote more than hope. That money and looks are important no matter what people say. That people don’t act for the greater good. They are inherently selfish. I thought climate change would be mitigated by now because everyone would see it’s for the future but people don’t seem to care about the future anymore.

  25. The air is always poor in my neighborhood in the winter because my neighbor burns wood constantly in his fireplace, so I’ve seen no difference.

  26. That’s essentially my “secret sauce.” I mix mustard, a little Mayo, and dill pickle relish. I hate ketchup and sweet pickles so I made the opposite for my own burgers.

  27. As much as I wanted Lemon to win, Jack is such a great character.

  28. I just bought my $1.79 bottle of Dijon mustard at Target and thought I’m really out of touch with the common man for buying such a fancy mustard.

  29. Why are you mowing in the winter? No matter the temp, I believe vegetation goes into a hibernation like state during the winter. I.e. it isn’t operating like it does during spring/summer? I dunno, I’m just taking a guess at how vegetation is during certain seasons

  30. I went to my in laws house in Bakersfield and all the lawns were bright green. I was shocked. They plant winter grass there. Where I am, those people with lawns just let them go dormant for the winter.

  31. It needs to be Matthew or Sybil now because the series worked just fine without them. Or Baxter because the series was fine without her too.

  32. I’ve never experienced soft fluffy snow like this. I’ve only experienced harder icy snow where snow angels suck. I don’t live where there is snow, but it’s only a couple hours away in the mountains.

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