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  1. God I wish I could adopt them so badly, they’re just so precious fr— I’m practically obsessed over these two—

  2. I wish Cecil would let me clip his nails alone like this, props to the person in the video djdjdj

  3. They look like a PitBoxer tbh— I don’t reallly see GSD, although their snoot is longer than an average Pitty so maybe.

  4. Defo Beagle mix... maybe with Cocker Spaniel?? I’m not sure. She’s adorable tho

  5. What’s she like? Like her everyday mannerisms? I may be able to figure out what she’s mixed with with that knowledge— else I see mainly pit, perhaps mixed with a bit of chow chow and labrador.

  6. Staffy defo— maybe mixed with a few other breeds

  7. Yeah I see Pit/Labbo too— what’s she like? Like what are her mannerisms?

  8. How big is she? Honestly I’d guess exactly what you said, plus maybe a bit of staffy, which is interesting—

  9. Looks like a few Great Pyrenees pups I’ve seen. Have any pictures of the siblings/parents-?

  10. Sunshine has the very kissable face of a Staffy, and her body and tail type reminds me of a Great Pyrenees! And with that ticking in the white she prolly has Australian Cattle Dog too. She has the classic Staffy disposition too, how adorable! I love her, she deserves the world.

  11. Most mixes looking like this laddo are poodles... but he looks like a schnauzer too— so maybe he’s both? Honestly I’m curious to see a DNA test done on this baby

  12. Doberman / Hound / Staffy / and ACD (for the ticking)

  13. Omg please give me season and episode number! I don’t watch the show but I’ll keep an eye out for this

  14. I would also like the episode number, but cos I actually actively watch the show and want to see da boi djdjdj

  15. Defo Great Dane... but I actually doubt St. Bernard? I guess this pup does look like their mixes, but they aren’t nearly as... droopy? Y’know what I mean? The only way to confirm is a DNA test, cos the Great Dane is definitely a prominent feature in this pup.

  16. Herding mix! What a cutie! Bet Flicker is glad to have you and not wandering the desert anymore <3

  17. :O that explains why hes such a prettyy fluffy boyy!!

  18. Yeah!! He extra floof from those two extra floofy breeds in there haha

  19. Looks like a blue or seal point baby-? It’s a little hard to tell when they’re so smol

  20. I get why people say pit, but I think the ears are too forward facing instead of sideways, making look more like dropped ears and less like rose ears.

  21. Basenjis are so rare in shelters, and hearing that pup can bark, it is 100% unlikely that they are this mix. Pits have all sorts of ear shapes as a side note— and they look like every pit/staffy mix I’ve seen

  22. I don't understand why I see so many people guessing basenji, not just here but in general. Where is everyone getting basenjis to breed all these basenji mixes! I've seen ONE basenji in my entire life, perhaps that one is the father to all of the mixes?? They're just not a common breed lol

  23. I’ve never even seen a basenji in real life lol, they seem cool though. They’re also considered a rare breed, so I’d never guess the breed in a shelter mix jdjdjd—

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