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  1. Was gonna do a save with City of Liverpool in the 7th or 8th tier in England because I did FC United of Manchester last FM. Spent hours making realistic kits by looking into their partners and sponsors and generally stuff around the area they were located in. We were expected to finish top 4 and after like 8 games we hadn't won a game yet and had drawn a few. It was infuriating because we were supposed to be like 3rd of 4th in the league on xG but nobody could finish their shots. It was terrible

  2. You definitely sound burned out. Take a break from the game, play a different game (total different genre/type of game), and then usually after a while you'll want to come back

  3. There's a lot of games out there to say that you only like those two. But there are other things you can do that aren't playing games. Read a book, watch a show. Just do other stuff to take a break from the game for a few weeks

  4. I think it's best to also try to impose some limitations on yourself if you want the game to stay harder. Like not signing some players if it wouldn't make sense for them or their club. Not just hoarding every wonderkind but considering if they fit into the team and won't push out another player already in the team that deserves playing time. Not buying players for huge fees, having some sort of transfer pokicy. Stuff like that makes my save in the top half of the PL quite fun because it's harder to consistently beat the top teams and it feels more earned when the team does do well.

  5. Doing a save with Dynamo Dresden where I've set rules like that and it's made the save a lot more fun. It's my 4th season in the Bundesliga and the rules have made it more fun. If I sign a wonderkud and he develops and wants to leave to go to a bigger club I will (with a reasonable bid of course) because it's realistic. I have no issues being a development team until I feel we can push for European trophies. I try not to stockpile players or sign them in positions we don't need unless there's a noticable improvement. Colombian wonderkid CB when we have 3 CBs total? Yeah definitely. A midfielder that could be amazing but would be 4th or 5th choice? Not so much. Feels more realistic and challenging but it's a lot of fun

  6. Awesome, same here! I also like setting a max transfer price for example, and mostly only selling first team players if they play badly consistently/don't fit the team anymore, or clubs are actually interested in him and make offers first. Although I do rarely make exceptions to the max price for transfers when I've brought in a lot of money in a window and want a specific player. Only did that twice in 8 years in my current save though haha

  7. Yeah same here with the max transfer price. I've bought 1 player for more than 10 million (Surinamese LW from a dutch club for 27 million, absolutely worth that price) but I haven't actively shopped players around unless they just aren't good enough anymore or if they are wanting to leave (though I don't do that with the really good ones that'll go for like 124 million if someone wants him they have to make an offer)

  8. Does the game force you to have a GK cause personally I think him being up front is the piece you're missing

  9. Needs shitty public transit, more highways and make sure those highways split through poor neighborhoods to make sure they don't like each other because of a highway. Also a football or baseball stadium with a ton of parking and shitty access

  10. I'm absolutely loving the stadiums in that pack. I haven't been able to add any of the larger ones just yet but using the small ones to my school sports complexes is so much fun

  11. I work from home a couple days a week and if work is slow, you can be sure the only spreadsheets I'm reviewing and meetings I'm taking are for my second job at Operario Ferroviario Esporte Clube. Pays slightly better than my real job too.

  12. I have a completely remote internship rn and I very rarely have stuff to do because most of it is above my ability. So unless I'm doing school work I've been playing FM for 5 hours a day most days of the week for about the last 9-10 months

  13. My city has a low population density, has a population that barely makes it a city, has no large surrounding populated areas and is on a massive island with the next city being around 6hours away (we have no highways - basically we’re isolated).

  14. I remember a couple years ago telling my friends that the town I go to university in was badly designed because the train tracks cut right through the middle of a large town for the area (25ishk people) and that having literally one way to get across town without going over the tracks was incredibly stupid based on what I had gotten from playing CS. Then sometime last year some guy got hit by a freight train and the train stopped blocking every way across town except that one and it took an hour and a half to travel 300 yards because of it

  15. The graphics need a major overhaul. It doesn't have to be an insane overhaul just get it into the late 2010s at least I'm tired of seeing various colored blobs running around the pitch. I know people complain about how some players won't be able to run it anymore but who cares honestly? You don't see other games not improving graphics because some people won't be able to play it and if SI want to get new users they should probably upgrade a little. Or at the very least keep it the same and have an add-on for better graphics or something

  16. I feel like starting with MLS like I did as well made me respect the budgets more. I obviously would've worked within them more but starting off and being forced to definitely made me do it more because I was used to not being able to register players if I went over. Definitely wish MLS was more accurate though

  17. Starting in MLS allowed me to learn to plan for league rules/registration, which can often get in the way of beginners.

  18. That's a good one as well. As much as I like managing in the Dutch and German leagues the lack of registration rules is definitely a hindrance to new players

  19. Nation teal selection has always been funky. I once had a Botswanan/English GK regen who had a PA of 125. Never got called up for Botswana or England at any level. He was obviously miles better than any other Botswana player.

  20. Obviously doesn't work this way since he was a GK but sometimes if the tactic the manager uses doesn't use their position they won't be called up. I got bored and edited some guy that was a star winger for Andorra into championship quality, put him on my team, but despite being the best player by a mile he was never called up cause the new manager didn't use wingers

  21. I like seeing my players get called up so I used the editor to change what the managers preferred tactic was and that fixed it. I had messed with second nationality stuff to make him not need a work permit so I thought maybe that was the issue despite him having 50 something caps for Andorra at 24 but nah it was just the manager wanting to play with a diamond

  22. They're just trying to make you feel better about getting 100 points and still finishing 3rd

  23. If they do come back, hope they're better implemented, after metros got updated they felt like the odd duck of transport, not really connecting to much else.

  24. Only time I used monorail was to add another option and one that looked cool. Then I realized it's loud and impractical for most things but because it looked cool and made the city look busier I kept it

  25. I hear people say that but ive found that the championship is the hardest to get promoted from.

  26. Yeah the Championship was definitely the hardest for me unless I got bogged down in league one. I've went from the Vanarama N/S to prem twice. First time I spent 3 seasons in League One then won the championship the next season somehow. The second time I didn't spend more than a season in any league until the championship where I spent 4 or 5 seasons and only won because I had signed a Belgian GK that became Belgium's #1 at 20 our first season in the Prem

  27. I though that too but then I made friends with a former cop. I asked him about this and his threshold for pulling people. He said his department always had a saying “over 9, you’re mine” and he said calibration has nothing to do with it. There are tiers speeding tickets/fines in my state, and the lowest tier is speeding less than 10MPH over the limit. He said they didn’t even feel like doing the paperwork necessary for those low tickets.

  28. When I took driver's ed in HS we had a local cop come in and talk to us about that stuff. He told us that not all the cops are like him but generally speaking he isn't going to do anything unless you're 10+ over because he can't be bothered to pull them over. Especially when the main road he'd pull people over for doing 10+ on is the road half the people do 20+ on so the 10+ people aren't the concern

  29. How is Cities Skylines "American centric"? Pretty much every vanilla asset is european themed.

  30. Even down to a gameplay perspective I'd argue is European themed. Everytime I've seen someone make an American based city there's a huge caveat that it will still have a public transportation system. I don't think I've seen someone make a large city with one or two tram lines and some infrequent bus service and the city actually work. Calling a game that heavily relies on public transportation "American centric" feels like an oxymoron

  31. This has always bothered me. Even the highest density commercial spaces in NYC are just the first few floors, then offices above. Not including a few malls, but there are a handful of those across entire cities

  32. Hell even in small towns it's that way. The tallest building in my small town is 3 or 4 stories and the entire building isn't dedicated to one store. Maybe one or two floors are and the rest are either apartments, offices, or not used

  33. Unless CS:2 either has most (or all) of the current features and is a graphics improvement while not being buggy I probably will make the switch if able to. If not I'll wait for more features to be added/mods to be made before making the switch

  34. Couldn’t be any worse than the strikers the U.S. fielded in Qatar!

  35. If possible I'd change that highway that's currently leading out to nothing to the bottom left out with a 4 or 6 lane road. Maybe have it split while going around the rail like it is currently but a highway seems a little overkill for the area. It also uses a lot of space you could have for other things and makes connectivity between the two halves harder

  36. I didn't even realize you could have that go that far. Now I'm gonna spend the next few hours just looking at that

  37. Took me the better part of half an hour on my old PC. I replaced it and now it takes about a minute tops usually

  38. Honestly I'd sign him anyway. Scouts might be wrong and he could be great. He's young so who knows. Plus if he's in on a free and even if he goes on a free it's not like much is lost

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