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AITA for not gifting my nephew as nice a gift as his cousins because his parents are poor?

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  1. Internships generally pay significantly less (on a monthly basis) than being a full-time employee; for example, Google interns make ~10k/mo but new grad employees make approx./just under 200k/year. The fast promotion is unlikely, but not impossible - very industry dependent

  2. This has to be one of the dumbest posts I've ever read, lmao. Like even if we remove ourselves from the ethics and the people there celebrating these actions... can we just step back and realize how aggressively stupid this is?

  3. This one is a good reminder of why no one should ever, ever post a serious issue on AITA. The grandparents were showing compassion to an orphan and were deemed absolutely vile.

  4. I've removed the post due to a lazy title. Feel free to repost it and make it a bit more descriptive. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. Also, this is fully a revenge fantasy. It sounds to me like we're meant to understand OOP succeeded and the lady could never get her order, so she gave up and drove away, and AITA thinks this is some sort of heroic behavior? Which is ridiculous, lol.

  6. Someone please remove the quote key from this person's keyboard. Or just take the entire keyboard, honestly.

  7. I wonder if this is some sort of fanfic/OC author trying to test a plot point. Or whether some low budget soap opera is testing a story out.

  8. It's not a very original idea, unfortunately. My guess is they saw one of the many episodes in one of the popular true crime shows about one part of a couple slowly poisoning the other through their food or drinks.

  9. This guy wrote a whole fantasy about what his dark urges said he should do. Pretty troubling that his fantasy involves making fat women cry for being fat.

  10. For real though, in which universe do you open up a date with crying and being lectured about the dangers of choosing photos that are too flattering/potentially even photoshopped, and then you both just carry on and have a few drinks? lol Like I get he was trying to write himself as super nice instead of confrontational or angry in the story, but seriously? He went on this whole epic speech about self-esteem and then just went like, so anyway how many siblings do you have? :) Come on...

  11. Flavor of the week on reddit's various storytelling subs really seems to be "girls falsely accusing upstanding male citizens of sexual assault" lol

  12. Thank God for the edits. If you couldn't be sure it was fake before the edits put a nail in the imagination coffin.

  13. I sure hope that the last thing someone is doing immediately after being broken up with is running to AITA to post an update to your story, especially when every commenter in there is literally ripping you to shreds, lol.

  14. Did she chase the woman down the aisle and towards the checkout area so she could see whether she'd steal the items?

  15. I liked the part where the guy had to specify they have a theme for their gifts, and what the theme was. Just really essential information there.

  16. How do I customise a flair? I’m on mobile and can’t seem to make it work

  17. I cannot even read that story. Her husband’s family sounds like the alphabet. She is the asshole for that alone.

  18. I'm half-surprised they didn't say "my husband C (fake name)" for some additional expert-level trolling.

  19. I've been doing keto for a long time. Cauliflower rice has a completely different texture and taste. Even if your rice was cooked so badly that it'd end up like paste, the taste is nothing alike. It'd be like serving zucchini noodles and pretending anyone would be fooled into thinking it's real noodles.

  20. YTA for not addressing post flairs, this is totally your fault even though I have never brought this up before and you can't be reasonably expected to act on feedback you haven't received.

  21. I was wondering who kept blowing up my phone! It was you, wasn't it? I'll be calling the family lawyer to sue you unless you tell me exactly what this "post flairs" thing is.

  22. I think we could use a new flair that shows that the post was crossposted for the comments rather than the OP - sometimes the OP asks a pretty normal question, and the comments tell them to divorce their spouse over a minor disagreement. Also, maybe a way to report a post for using flairs incorrectly. I see a lot of stuff from subs other than AITA that aren't using the "foreign influence" flair.

  23. re:flair directing attention to the comments, I think this could be a good idea since we do often get otherwise mundane or innocuous posts where the actual gold is in the comments. Usually users just point it out in the title, but a flair wouldn't hurt. I'll bring it up to the other mods and see how they feel about it.

  24. Omg, went through the post history for this guy, and it's just fantasy story after fantasy story.

  25. My favorite (?) has to be the one where he asks if he was an asshole for having sex with a 15 year-old when he was 21. Well, alright then...

  26. Oh, so Sam who is oh so wonderful, handsome, and perfect and can't handle the fact that his girlfriend has a past. And these thirty something year olds have no lives beyond talking about a girl they slept with in high school Pathetic.

  27. But what if people think I'm another nympho slut like my sister? I'm even changing my music tastes completely, just in case people think I have even a single thing in common with my cock-gobbler sister.

  28. Can we do something to crackdown on reposts? It's annoying to cross post something and get few upvotes only to see someone post the same thing after me and get a ton of votes. A mod once even removed my post because it had been posted too many times, despite the fact that I posted it hours before anyone else.

  29. Sorry, at the time I removed that post, I didn't realize yours was technically there first. The other one got far more traction. I usually try to remove reposts ASAP whenever I catch them (and some users are very helpful by reporting them as well), but some fly under the radar.

  30. How you going to be in a relationship with someone holding a grudge against your dead brother?

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