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  1. You need the virtio drivers, if you go into the vm manager in the unraid settings you can have it download the iso for you.

  2. This is fsck complaining about there being a difference between the boot sector and the backup boot sector which is apparently empty.

  3. I think a big reason why US lawmakers aren't as in support of anti-Apple laws such as allowing sideloading, right to repair, and USB-C as standard are because they are Apple users as well. In fact, Biden is the first president to own an Apple Watch.

  4. They're easier to persuade with donations from said companies would be my guess.

  5. Pro-tip: no government is good at anything, none of them deserve to exist.

  6. All that would do is trade government for corporations.

  7. Smartphones overall are more valuable, but iOS is still 20% less valuable than Android.

  8. Just let developers access the virtualization features of the M1 and you'll make the tech enthusiasts happy while not really changing anything for the rest of the users.

  9. Better than allowing side loading. Side loading would be a lose lose for Apple and consumers. Just getting rid of the commission but stay with the App Store is more lose-win situation to Apple.

  10. Having the App Store without being able to enforce any regulations on it would also be a lose lose for apple

  11. Regulators won’t accept anything less than developers being able to develop and distribute apps without Apple being able to say no.

  12. Very first sentence in Apple's documentation on it.

  13. It wasn't always that way, but I suppose when they went to APFS with a locked system volume they changed it.

  14. i believe that is about the correct time line, you can use it alongside installation/recovery media (which DOES have or downloads just in time the OS) to restore a mac from nothing to the full backup. Either way timemachine is really a bit slow and can make up a lot of exclusions along the way and i only really use it like a git repo for my home directory. If you are looking for the full disk backups carbon copy cloner is probably the best bet over the years.

  15. Well I think now with APFS they have the system volume, and any changes made go to the data volume, even in the system folder (don't quote me there...)

  16. For monopoly suits, arguments like "anyone could make a competitor since it's open source" have no value - the defendant has to demonstrate that such a competitor actually exists, and is a viable alternative that already has significant market-share right now, otherwise it is considered to have an effective monopoly. This would be difficult for Google to do if WebKit marketshare fell, since the plaintiff could point out that Chromium forks just implement Google's changes and should therefore count as Google's marketshare, and Mozilla lives off of payments from Google and is therefore bound to Google's will, and should therefore be considered Google's share as well.

  17. If you say products using chromium count towards Google’s market share, then why wouldn’t you say Chromium counts towards Apple’s market share since it was forked from WebKit?

  18. It’s absolutely them trying to protect their App Store model, and also why Google doesn’t care about the same changes on android… they already allow apps from outside of the play store

  19. I had a guy panhandling close to work the other day tell me he takes cash app.

  20. Reminds me of a video I saw the other day with a beggar being told they don’t have any cash only for him to bring out a credit card terminal

  21. What do you mean? It is Apple Pay Cash is contactless. You use iMessage.

  22. So is this supposed to be available to everyone, or just premium users?

  23. If AppleCare can't fix the issue they can also try Apple directly and ask for Customer Relations

  24. Don't forget the conflicting information: Next iPhone will have USB-C

  25. Way to comment on something that has nothing to do with the situation…

  26. I mean you are all about pointing it out and posting threads about not whenever and wherever you can.

  27. You can still do it. Apple is under no obligation to pat you on the head and “officially sanction” jailbreaking. If you wanted that, you should have bought an Android.

  28. They actively make an effort to prevent it... not officially supporting it is one thing, but actively making an effort to prevent it is another entirely.

  29. a 32" 8K display might be desirable, but beyond that you're just increasing the pixel density for the sake of increasing the pixel density.

  30. You should have started the yellow a couple layers late

  31. I was able to get time machine working fairly reliably by not having the share use the cache disk, although most if not all of the backup is probably all on one disk.

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