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  1. Tip #1: close the lid. “If you’re lookin’, it ain’t cookin’!!” Haha wishing you success on your first butt!

  2. Yes haha. I work for a very large health insurance company

  3. I have this same club. It was my first wedge aside from the PW and AW. It’s a pretty versatile wedge.

  4. Same for me! I only had a PW and AW in my set, until now. I’ve used my brother’s 56 a few times and loved it for shorter shots where I wanted more height. I’m excited to have more options!

  5. Ok so I’m literally sat here waiting for my wings on the grill to cook just going through Reddit…. See this post ,never heard of the sauce before-check if I have ingredients- I do !!! Bloody tasty !! Thanks from U.K.

  6. That’s awesome!!! Glad you liked it. Cheers m8!

  7. I’ll bite. North eastern here - what’s Alabama white sauce??

  8. I’m from the Northeast too (CT) but saw this sauce online and wanted to try it. This was my first attempt. It’s very good!

  9. Is that one of those reversible power plugs for heating or cooling? Pretty neat!

  10. Ohh you’re talking about the plug behind it. No that’s just the plug for our radio in the kitchen haha

  11. Yes, I was firmly tongue in cheek with that comment.

  12. I appreciate the feedback! Valid point. Believe it or not, I actually considered this but wanted to see how the wood burning would look on the darker piece, and if it would stand out enough to be seen. I found my answer once it was all done haha

  13. I tried the AL white sauce for the first time earlier this year (from MS), fantastic!! Your sauce recipe sounds even better than what I made and those wings look perfect. I’ll have to try your version. Well done sir!

  14. It’s the perfect sauce for smoked chicken! I’ll definitely be making it again many more times. Thanks for the love!

  15. 1 cup of Mayo, tbsp of horse radish, tbsp of lemon juice, 2 tbsp brown sugar, 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper. Whisk it up. Ready to roll!

  16. I bought these for snowboarding, to wear in my boots. 10/10 excellent socks

  17. How do you like the pan. I have been thinking of picking one up

  18. I really like it. The extra long handle with the knurled grip is such a nice feature, instead of the little nub of a handle that my Lodge pan has. I also like having the lid incase I want to braise anything. You can really do a lot with just this one pan!

  19. I own a stick burner but would love to also have a Traeger. Unfortunately I’ve relentlessly made fun of my friends who own pellet smokers for the last 5 years. I can now never own one myself or I’d never live it down.

  20. Just swallow your pride this one time… it’s worth it!!

  21. I've always passed by this sauce at Whole Foods when I go.. i really need to get it. May I ask , what is the purple stuff below the pickles?

  22. Definitely try the sauce! The purple stuff is part of the cole slaw that I made - it had some purple cabbage in it

  23. I highly recommend it. It’s a very unique combination of Soy Sauce and classic BBQ flavors.

  24. 6/10 seems pretty mediocre compared to the Blue mannequin that looked like Julian

  25. I use Gospel all the time and love it. I actually just prepped 3 racks of ribs and 2 shoulders tonight, for my son’s birthday party tomorrow!

  26. I have used fresh garlic plenty of times too, as long as it is diced small enough. I’m not a fan of big chunks on the bread. This might sound a bit insane, but I’ve been using the garlic powder lately because it seems to taste more garlicky than fresh garlic when you mix it into the butter. I can’t really explain what that means, but I do prefer the taste of the garlic powder over fresh garlic when making the bread 😂

  27. the garlic powder will incorporate throughout the melted butter while the fresh garlic will not add much flavor to the butter itself, it will remain concentrated to the actual garlic pieces. now if you cooked the garlic in the butter for a few minutes, that would infuse the butter with the garlic flavor.

  28. Thank you for putting into words what my brain could not

  29. Does anyone know where this mansion is located? He used to own a mansion in Farmington, CT and I’m wondering if this is it

  30. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I would be honored to own one of these blades!

  31. Interesting that your firebox appears to be slightly angled with the right side being higher. Mine does that as well after adding the firebox. I frequently wonder if that is making things harder on me or not.

  32. Yeah I noticed that my firebox was angled a bit, too. I’ve only ever used these styles of smokers with the offset boxes, so I don’t have a anything else to compare it to in order to see if the angle makes a difference.

  33. Just curious, how is your grass under the chimney? Does it get burnt?

  34. The angle of this picture is deceiving. I have a bunch of patio stones under my grill so the chimney is actually burning over a piece of stone

  35. I was there for 6 hours watching golf and took 4 pictures and 2 videos. Is that ok with you?

  36. Of course he is, it's not rocket appliances.

  37. His brain wasn’t short-circulating on this one

  38. Could be lightning, but it might be more likely that the primary conductor on top of the pole fell off the pole at some point and began arcing to ground through the pole. Lighting damage can look similar, but the well developed burn speaks more toward a longer duration application of high voltage. That is to say, the wire pumped current through the pole long enough that it smoldered and eventually ignited. Lightening damage happens nearly instantly, but this well developed burn speaks more towards prolonged arcing.

  39. Very interesting. If the wire allowed for extended smoldering and eventual ignition, wouldn’t we see more damage above the hole as the flames reached upwards? That’s the only part that puzzles me. You’d think there would be burns/smoke stains above the hole.

  40. Good question. I'm a utility arborist and have seen lots of burnt up poles and tree branches caused by arcing. Understanding the dynamics of that is part of my job. When high voltage arcs through wood funny things can happen. The current develops what is called a carbon path as it burns the cellulose of the wood into much more conductive black carbon from the point of contact with the high voltage source towards the ground. As the carbon path develops through the grain structure of the wood, it can pass over the surface of the wood or directly through it with a thick piece like this pole. It tends to follow the grain of the wood. Above and to the right of the open burn mark you can see little bits of the path surfacing. A smaller burn mark at the bottom left of the open burn seems to indicate the path continued that way towards the ground.

  41. Thank you for this detailed explanation!! It sounds like this is very likely what happened here.

  42. You got this!! Pretty easy, but delicious meal!

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