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  1. "You know what, Mom? You know what I'm going to get you next Christmas? A big, wooden cross. So anytime you feel unappreciated for all your sacrifices, you can climb on up and nail yourself to it."

  2. I can’t see it, he blocked me lol. Isn’t there another link that ppl can see all comments?? I can’t remember!!!

  3. I used to do this all the time. It took a few years but gradually I have learned to calm down. Some days I still start to stress. My husband will remind me: you work hard, you pay your bills, you save money, it’s okay to buy the things you need and also the things you want.

  4. I spent a majority of my life in poverty, but for the past few years we are now considered middle class and the feeling has never really gone away. My husband didn't grow up like that and doesn't really understand why I do the things I do, or certain feelings and behaviors that I exhibit.

  5. A YouTuber (I wish I could remember who) pointed out that there are zero pics of those kids in a car with them, going to school, etc. None. Despite the fact they’d be an easy sell if the paps get one, there aren’t any.

  6. There was no log of the kids being on the plane to and from England last year either.

  7. I love the Sara Lee Artesano breads! I would love to score something like that, 4 for $8.

  8. The maple brown sugar is so good. It's just like French toast.

  9. When you're an angry, bigoted, POS with a wife like Larry Lynn, the ugliness on the inside-and the ugliness that surrounds you-is bound to show on the outside.

  10. It depends where you’re located. Where I am, pink pyrex (especially daisy) is hard to find and very rare to see in the wild so I would personally consider that a good price if it’s something you really want. I paid more than I’m willing to admit recently for the 2.5qt daisy with lid after missing out on so many listings for it 😅

  11. Yeah, this is the first pink daisy I think I've ever come across.

  12. Geez… I think it seems high. I found one for a couple bucks at goodwill a while back. Keep hunting… $65 seems like it could go for something better. Where are you located?

  13. The Goodwills around here are ridiculous. Dollar store items for $5 and they sell all of the pyrex online except for the clear pie dishes.

  14. Imagine finding out that your bitch of a mother named you after a woman that she hated, and who allegedly treated her badly.

  15. I had to start with a quarter dose twice a day for one week, then half dose or a week, and work my way up to a full dose.

  16. I posted around a year ago about how I had a dream she was pregnant again.

  17. I wish South Park would get them good, but it would also probably just go to her head

  18. This is my favorite pic of M from the Jubilee. A sinner at the time equated it to her “shorting out” and that’s all I can see when I see this pic now 😂

  19. Isn’t it interesting on the third, baby crying and Hillary posing gazing out into infinity and not tuned into baby needing comfort.

  20. They're just the fat, alcoholic, bloviating, jealous has-been actors.

  21. LMAO!!!! She’s going to be selling that ring soon! For all we know he probably already did and had a cubic attached!! 😂😂😂😂

  22. A cubic would probably look nicer than whatever this monstrosity does.

  23. All I see is the wet drool on her baby carrier…makes me feel sad for her baby.

  24. I happen to have an unseen photo from their wedding reception….

  25. I understand having more makeup for performances, but that eyeliner is a CHOICE😂😂😂😂

  26. Saw people in the OP bringing up "zoochosis" or stereotypies which is very sad. Doesn't look like normal at all.

  27. Zoochosis is the perfect word to describe how a polar bear was behaving at the last zoo we went to 15 years ago. It was so sad.

  28. A friend found a photo of Jeff Goldblum on her wall after a party. She liked it, so it's still up! Now the joke is seeing how long it takes people to notice him among her family photos.

  29. I hung a jeff goldblum shower curtain in my son's bathroom while he was at school one day.

  30. My father spanked me so hard he left hand prints and broke a wooden spoon. My mother would place the wooden spoon in whatever room I was in to make sure I was behaving. As an adult I have no relationship with my father and have a crippling fear of doing something that will make my mother not love me.

  31. I can't have wooden spoons in my house. I tried to have one of the thicker, quality ones because my husband wanted one, but I had to toss it.

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