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  1. Literally just posting the article so someone can link the spray video : )

  2. Born in 08 what the fuck

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but once a player has had heaps of concussions, the susceptibility to another one rises, right?

  4. It’s accidental so he shouldn’t get suspended. If Hawkins didn’t get suspended last year for fracturing Steven Mays eye socket then there’s no way Wingard should or would be.

  5. Even when we deserve to cop shit they somehow manage to do it in the dumbest way possible.

  6. I genuinely cannot believe the sequence of errors the Suns made that resulted in him getting there. Take him with a top 10 pick, don’t play him, give him a 500k a year extension on the back of no exposed senior form, and then need to throw in a very early second rounder to get off his contract. It is fair dinkum unbelievable they topped Jarrod Lyons, Rory Atkins, and Hugh Greenwood. In any case, well done to the Dockers - he seems like the sort of player where it’s easy to focus on what he can’t do, whereas you might see him differently if you focus on what he can do

  7. Exactly, he has a specific role and expectation that's catered to his strengths

  8. This is an extremely disappointing read. The club needs to not just say they're going to do better, but actually deliver on it. I don't think that is possible with Kennett still at the club.

  9. Yeah that's a shitty joke, magnitudes worse when it comes from a person of power delivered to someone belonging to a vulnerable group

  10. Sounds like a slipped disc. And they're shaving off the disc material that's impinging on the nerve/s

  11. Holy shit it doesn't get any more West Coast, Perth centric than that

  12. I got 3 paragraphs in and still didn't know what the fuck the article was about so stopped

  13. Everyone that has been punched by Barry should be entitled to deliver the same punch of equal magnitude and direction

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