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  1. Lyrics first. A whole book full of them. Full sets of lyrics, organized into complete songs.

  2. Some of what you're asking about can be better solved by the music producers in the music production subreddit.

  3. All my modes run as three-note-per-string (3NPS/TNPS) shapes off the 6th string, and can go either to the D string quickly, or to the high e string with a bit more thought. TNPS is just a shape system so I don't have to worry about the actual letter name notes. Makes transposition very easy.

  4. I was listening to a playlist of covers and the Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah came on.

  5. I recently learned the reason for why there's a discreprancy between the version Leonard Cohen recorded and Jeff Buckley's. Regarding Cohen:

  6. if you play guitar and have a guitar, grab that guitar, pulgit in, add tons of delay and reverb, then add some fuzz after the delay and the reverb. there you have a fuzzy pad that sounds amazing, check out the robert fripp and brian eno album that has a an office as the cover (can't remember the name) that album may can help you with new soundscapes for ambient music.

  7. I make all my revenue from Merch. I move hoodies and jackets, not even too many of them to keep up with for customer service, but equivalent to hundreds of thousands of streams monthly. $3-4000 monthly.

  8. Thinking over the past year, I realized how much I struggled with plug-ins, one drum kit in particular. Most of the problem, I realized, was that that the plug-in had internal controls and did not play nicely with my Ardour DAW. For example, if I want to mute its track from the DAW mix board, it would not mute! I had to go into the plug-ins own control panel and force the output volume to 0 there. And whatever panning I put there was not honored by the DAW and so on. I finally had to rip out the plug-in altogether to get some control over the mix. I don't want to EVER go through something like that again. How can I find plug-ins that actually work - what you hear is what you get, etc.?

  9. Honestly I had the same issue with Groove Agent. There have been too many times where no sounds are coming out and I have no idea why. There are 3 layers of mixers all with auxes and sends.

  10. Went through the song with your points in mind and I think that if I handle the dynamics I will also get a very good inkling of how the parts should fit together (and also their length). Very good points from your part and really got me thinking

  11. Happy to help. Guns and Roses Paradise City is what I'm thinking when I think energy drop bridge to a combined chorus with solo as the outro. Total call-back to the earlier viruses, but the energy is amped up 100%.

  12. Very Radiohead vibe. I'm hearing some of the harmonies from Just and Paranoid Android.

  13. Omg this is amazing feedback. Wow. Thank you so much!!! Will definitely take all this into consideration. Appreciate it! <3

  14. When your merch business and a light touring schedule funds all of your recording, touring, and down-time.

  15. Computers and expectations kill creativity. They burden us with judgment and comparison.

  16. You can also borrow cadences to B from other scales/modes, and use their chord tones as melodies.

  17. It's sounds to me like you aren't willing to pay for a session drummer and touring drummer, and instead are trying to convince a person who has very little interest in your band that it's some sort of big privilege to even be associated with your band.

  18. I thought the chorus was really strong so I would keep that. Harmony choices are good too, not over the top cliche.

  19. Playing Three Note Per String in parallel octaves will get you pretty far across the fretboard, especially if you play first 6 notes of Aeolian followed by first 6 notes of Locrian.

  20. The very easiest way to write a song is to start with the lyrics, and use automatic writing to generate a lyric set while listening to another song. Will get you about 30-40 lines in 3-4 minutes.

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