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  1. Democracy & republics aren’t inherently good. A nation could vote to make minorities have lesser treatment, but it’s still democratic.

  2. Democracy is for the loser to accept the result. It makes no guarantees about the quality of the winner.

  3. Jesus, that was extremely well said.

  4. Theres a reason they don’t hand over the keys to the crib on election day to the winner. The founders in the US added a few months of pageantry to de-escalate. Two years of election rock throwing gets everybody riled up. Losers don’t like being evicted so you have to do it slowly.

  5. I saw a documentary about Chinese labs that produce basically anything you like if you give them the molecule you need.

  6. I am normally critical of the Chinese “cultural” acceptance of theft, but in limited cases like medical research i see it as downward pressure on pricing. The one challenge is you then rely on the initial company to fund the research, for the chinese company to copy or “steal”.

  7. I wonder if limiting medical research to public funding result in less research, not more. I wonder what it would look like if private research was banned tomorrow. How many labs conducting research would close?

  8. Do nothing? I literally pointed out one proactive step to deter people from stealing your vehicle and one proactive step to prevent people from getting easy access to your vehicle.

  9. Why are you so aggressive? My solution may be bad but you seem to have such anger towards me, a person you have never met, who is concerned about crime.

  10. I have zero anger. You reading my comments as that mindset says more about you than me.

  11. I have spent no time calling you names. I’ve stayed focused on the topic and arguments. You devoted time calling me a fool which is an ad hominem attack. Personal attacks are a distraction from the premise of the argument and area of improvement for you.

  12. I have made this project to ease developer/non tech people by converting simple text to database script,

  13. Awesome, please fill out this form and subscribe. Will record and publish Sunday [

  14. I am launching a product today, can I share the link here or will it get taken down?

  15. Here is the video review of your project. It was a great experience. If you enjoyed the review please try, comment, & give feedback on other projects.

  16. I have a ton of questions lol. You’ve built something very interesting and I want to know more of the story.

  17. I reviewed your game and published on youtube. It's always fun to find interesting, innovative, and niche ideas. You did a great job. If you enjoyed the review please try, comment, & give feedback on other projects in the video. It will help us all iterate and improve as a community.

  18. Hobbies make you happy. Get rich? You spend money on hobbies. Broke? Still have your hobby. Young? Hobbies get you through awkward stages. Middle aged? Hobbies help you cope with the stresses of life. Old and retired? Probably going to do some hobbies. Experiment with hobbies. Pick some up, let some go. Hobbies penetrate through politics, language, culture, and any differences.

  19. Why is nobody talking about the fact that he is wearing a casual shirt to a wedding AND to his own proposal.

  20. Grew up in the city, but went to college in rural midwest. The internal outrage I had for what some people would wear to rural barn weddings. I get it, its a little more casual but at least take a shower and comb your hair you slutty fuck.

  21. Would love to See Laca stay. He always had the quality of a sniper and great first touch. He now has quick and nimble players to link with in tight spaces. Auba always lost the ball unless he was in space to gallop.

  22. After the last three games I think it’s safe to say Auba is finished at Arsenal. We play better without him anyway.

  23. Shame he could have been a part of the revival story. In the critical 3 turnaround months where it counted, he bailed.

  24. If I were to pick a captain out of this squad I would pick by criteria, not emotions.

  25. Not on a PL level though. Needs to be sent to the Championship or aboard to Holland or Germany.

  26. Remember when we were told Serge was not ready at West Brom and the following season lights German defenders up for Werder Bremen. Hope we don’t make that same horrendous error with Balogun but lets be honest. We will

  27. Look forward to training videos of Auba scoring screamers this week.

  28. Moment of silence for Auba's first touch in high pressure games.

  29. Let’s not forget we’re playing Liverpool right now. I think we’re playing a lot better than I expected.

  30. For the first time in years it looks like we are not scared of Liverpool. We understand their quality but we are not backing down. I think Auba and Laca are struggling to capitalize on the counter.

  31. Never mind. Second half we look little a dear in headlights.

  32. I started building this in February 2020. I loved Asana but it's built for teams of people that know each other. I wanted to build something like Github where strangers can collaborate on projects but not limited to developers. So here's a github for everyone else lol I hope you enjoy! - Danny Mullan

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