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  1. I have a dirty secret. I don’t hate Spurs. I always liked many of their players going back to Robbie Keane, Modric, Erisken, and now Kane. Been a Arsenal fan since about 99.

  2. It works both ways........ no club wants to have highly paid players struck in their payroll not performing. Very often it is the players bullying the club rather than the other way round. If a player doesn't perform to expected standards what choice do clubs have but to drop them?

  3. Nobody has an issue dropping players from the team sheet. But making them train with the reserves or on their own and not letting them play in any reserve game at the highest level is purposely sabotaging a players fitness. If a player is “not performing” then don’t select him. But clubs still have duty of care to their employees/players to keep him fit for them to find another club. Clubs know that denying players training with senior team, access to physio’s etc, it is denying them access to the level of training they need to continue their career somewhere else. Its sabotage.

  4. Here are some open source projects submitted and I reviewed:

  5. Hey formsend, I continue to use formsend for my channel (and get dozens of submits a week). Does somebody on your team want to join the next episode and plug it? It's such a great tool. I dont have a ton of subs yet, but its a cool product.

  6. Recording and posting the next episode this weekend. The next after that video is likely early June. I think a 20 minute conversation/ zoom call is a good amount of time.

  7. Partey will never have an injury free season in the Premier League. His frame is too fragile. He also can’t complete a pass on the ground so. He’s a decent player, but he will continue to struggle.

  8. Please check your chat. I have attached the snapshots of the form. Thanks

  9. hi can u do a video of my side project?

  10. Yes, please fill out this form. It helps me keep organized.

  11. Nice idea. What OS are you using/ testing on? Windows only, or also Linux, etc.?

  12. Do you have a twitter account? I will follow you and add you to my game journalist list!

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