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  1. I don’t know how to word it but the playroom situation is such a good visual representation of their warped view of parenting. They threw toys in a room and called it a playroom but they did nothing to prepare the room, the stupid furniture and lack of any kind of organization. Same with their life in general, they threw kids into the mix but changed nothing about their life but want to call themselves parents. The room is not a playroom but a room with toys in it and they are not parents they are people with kids who hand off responsibility of raising their kids to someone else.

  2. Do you think she ever, after finishing shooting these videos, say "God, I can't believe my life is making stupid videos about stupid shiz, I hate it so much." Yes, no? Surely, this is not fulfilling.

  3. I can't believe she's making $$$$$ at Meta with the same advice she gave at another Instagram speech from like 2 years ago, I remember her posting some speech she gave that was like the exact same thing about "No one cares how your grid looks." That's it -- that's why she gets paid the big bucks -- show up and say tired things like this. Only now she shows up sick.

  4. I got two boxes for free once and it legit tasted like paper. Awful. I think I threw it outside for the birds to eat

  5. Lol this made me laugh. I’m so cheap that even if I got it for free I’d force myself to eat it. Nice score getting it for free.

  6. usually same, but not everything can be forced lol lol

  7. I've been to 3 but I am aging myself in telling you who they are because they are all in their 30's now so maybe not what you were looking to know -- one hosted by BrooklynBlonde at Barney's prior to Covid, one by Keiko Lynn (she used to be bigger in my opinion), and one by someone who I forgot the name of oops but she is like plus size and now has a baby, forgot her name. BrooklynBlonde was the NICEST and actually spoke to me about the product and just took the time to get to know me as a fan of hers. Keiko Lynn was nice but like a bit fake nice. The other girl basically ignored everyone and just hung out with her friends the entire time and made no eye contact with anyone she didn't know. The people who showed up to these events were influencer wanna-be's who just stood around looking awkward ignoring everyone else, while having the expression on their faces that they were each superior to every other identical girl there. They just took pictures for the 'gram and left lol

  8. Hi I am not sure have you tried from an actual computer to see maybe if that might an issue? If so and it’s still not there would recommend contacting Poshmark support maybe something happened and it accidentally didn’t get pushed to you? Wishing you the best of luck! Happy Poshing!

  9. I don’t understand why she has that denture thing and doesn’t just get an implant? It’s not like they don’t have the money.

  10. I think it takes time to put an implant in, it takes a few months. My cousin had the procedure and it took a while, they might have had to do a bone graft and then wait until that all healed so that the jaw can now support an implant.

  11. Yeah, I’ve actually had an implant done, it was around a 6 month process! But I thought they talked before about that she just never grew that tooth in? Either way, she’s been missing that tooth for a long time now… as someone who does have an implant, I don’t understand why someone would choose not to get one if they can afford it🤷‍♀️

  12. oh yeah maybe that's it -- she never grew that tooth in, Dani and Stella have that same genetic issue lol

  13. Seriously and it’s not like she’s with them 24/7 everyday. This should prove to her she doesn’t need anymore kids

  14. she didn't need the two she has. She's a great example of doing something because society pressures us to or your religion does. I hope she learns to appreciate her kids one day.

  15. I’m 1000% sure she’s on drugs. What is she doing with her mouth?

  16. I think she can't talk because of veneers and the new chin. It looks like it is very difficult for her because she can't move her tongue around that well anymore.

  17. maybe its cold in their house? I have never seen him in a t-shirt just chillin' it's always a sweatshirt he has on.

  18. Same here, I have gotten 1ml of lip filler 3 times and I don't feel it at all anymore and it is barely noticable, only my family & close friends & girlfriend notice.

  19. my lips are thin and I'd like to plump them up a bit, nothing crazy. I know that lip filler doesn't get absorbed but just travels around your lips. Is this the case with a little filler too? I'd hate to have it travel around my mouth over time...thats what is putting me off from getting it. how has it been for you?

  20. what is she even going to DO at Sundance???? It's going to be filled with actors, filmmakers, film buyers, PR people, film execs...I don't get it! I know she's going with Stanley Cups (ugh) so what is she gonna do --- stand in their tent and promote the cups? how lame!

  21. Why does she always stand up to eat! Always! every single meal. Every single snack!

  22. wondered about that too but maybe Stella is very fidgety and prefers it?

  23. She must be brain dead. Why is she wearing that St Ives face mask outfit again? The lacy top?? 🤯 It’s not giving what she thinks it is

  24. But does anyone know where the lacy top is from? Its the only part of the outfit I like. Is it Free People? lol lol

  25. Ooof, that chin does not look good from some angles. It's giving.... Gaston.

  26. Need a true before pic from years ago before she got alll the work done on her face

  27. her old YouTube videos are still up from 10 years ago. She even ACTS totally different. She's very southern in those videos, she says 'YA'LL a lot and has an accent that is now totally gone. I wonder why.

  28. You can email them happy holidays if you’d like, but telling them about the pin will come across as green. Also, you want them to think you’re getting pinned for lots of guest stars :) So, if you announce this one, it’ll tell them this is a big deal for you and you’re not consistently getting close on roles of that size. It’s also just not relevant because you didn’t ultimately book.

  29. I don't have a rep. I got pinned all on my own, that's the issue. I have no one to help me 'sell me', I'm on my own for now.

  30. You can use that pin when submitting to reps. Aside from that, just keep doing good work.

  31. NTA. I had a 'friend' who did the exact same thing to me when her dog died. She kept calling me days after the dog passed hysterically crying and would be on the phone with me for a while and I had to listen to her crying, it became too much on me. I finally told her to please call someone else because I don't know what to do at this point, maybe she should book an extra time with her therapist to talk this through. She flipped out on me and started talking bad about me to other people. in the end we parted ways. You 'friend' needs to deal with this on her own and maybe get professional help with her grieving.

  32. Used to follow her but then I made a comment about the fact that she praised some boots but then a few months later said they were not in anymore and got the snarkiest comment from her, like really mean reply, then two of her super fans ganged up on me too, it was so bizarre I unfollowed. She's not a nice person is what I inferred and a try hard.

  33. veneers will do that. Speaking as someone who had to get 6 top veneers after years of horrible tooth-grinding in my sleep. I had to relearn how to talk after and mine aren't as big as Dani's.

  34. she has to open a case, in the case you say you will accept the return, postmark will have her send the dress back and refund buyer

  35. I’m sorry if this has been asked, but what happened to Tam Tam? I haven’t seen her in months I feel like… were they even with them for Thanksgiving? She was always so good to Dani maybe she got fed up of Dani taking advantage of her babysitting?

  36. no one really knows but we do speculate they had a falling out. Last Time we saw Tammy she was at Stella's birthday.

  37. No yearly Friendsgiving this year? I saw that most of her friends have already attended some this past weekend. Maybe her lame thrown together talent show was to rub in everyone’s faces how successful and how much better she is since she didn’t get an invite. Or she tried and everyone already had plans. Also I don’t think I saw a single one of her friends at the talent show.

  38. I'm pretty sure I saw Liv Mangrum in the audience *edited for spelling*

  39. Ya'll I tried Divi-- early this year I purchased the bottles. I have deal with hair shedding and hair thinning for a few years, my hair shedding was due to stress and and auto-immune issue followed by diet problems, then had trouble growing back. Anyway, divi DID make my hair kind of greasy, it is not a truly light formula, although not that heavy sort of in the middle. Did I notice new hair growth after 3 months? I DID notice my baby hairs in the front sprout and grow kind of fast, the hair thickness of each new strand was actually good. No new hair growth followed anywhere else on my head. I've done a lot of research on hair growth and the hair growth cycle is 3 I can see how people dealing with postpartum hair loss would think Divi is helping but it is JUST the natural hair growth cycle. I still am not sure if Divi helped with my baby hairs or if it was just the natural cycle...I did not repurchase. Also, I HATE seeing Dani Austin use fake hair to sell this stuff. AWFUL!

  40. I’m sure I read on here someone saw Dr. Mike in the audience.

  41. nah I think they probably reached out directly. I've had that happen and if the character is a very specific type and you've known the casting director for years then it makes sense

  42. thanks for the response! I actually got pinned for the role on Wednesday afternoon, they said they will be forwarding my tape to producers/network. Well, it is Friday already and I haven't heard back. Safe to assume I didn't get it? Role shoots sometime between Nov 29 -Dec 8...but with Thanksgiving coming up they might have already made the decision right? considering they will need to do wardrobe fitting. Any idea on how fast pins are notified?

  43. Yeah, ASL isn't a word for word match. Signing HELP (moving toward the person a bit) with eyebrows raised is fine.

  44. thank you very much! Truly appreciate your response!

  45. Signing HELP towards the other person with your brows raised

  46. She never, ever, ever,ever wants to be with Stratton. NEVER.

  47. and its such a shame because Stratton is so CUTE! I would want to be with him all the time, he's much smilier than Stella was at that age.

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