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  1. Your expectations are valid and sometimes it is difficult for parents to fully accept the reality; can’t say what it is for your mom but they can only go on their assumptions and past experience. I am optimistic if you share your life with her and she sees it isn’t “unsafe” or “scary” that with time she’ll come around. I’d let her know what your expectations are for her so she knows what you want. Ask her if she has more questions. If she’d like to meet him?

  2. There are dry fire suppression products available for server rooms although I can’t say if that’s only a pre-treatment before water is used.

  3. Beautiful. Lighting is really nice and the window and greenery outside make it an excellent focal point. Sets an interesting mood.

  4. Georgia O’Keefe had caring adults to cultivate her talents (I’m guessing); so should this child 😛

  5. I had this issue after upgrading my phone. While I tried powering off the hub and resetting my network switch, the fix was deleting the Hue app and reinstalling it. After that it loaded all my lights from the hub and I was back in business.

  6. Can’t remember the age but it was elementary school and they took us to the art museum. This is going to sound lame but I learned that art was cool - that I liked those paintings on the wall. It was the first time without my parents in a place foreign to me and it was a really cool self discovery.

  7. The Office after Michael Scott left; although there were still good moments

  8. You could quit and then how would you feel? Would you quit your teaching job to have sex with him?

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