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  1. He’s 31. My western values say this is his life and not theirs. I agree he needs therapy to help him see the big picture. It’s not about him being sick or anything, but he may need help seeing what he can do to prioritize his own happiness.

  2. It sounds like you’re asking if he likes you. Or if there’s more to this than messing around.

  3. Glad you gave me access to your nuts because I’m greedy and want both

  4. I’d say, do it. But NOT for your family. For you. Yes, YOU. Liberate yourself from constantly hiding in the closet. It’s also a true test to see who truly love you, who’d truly stand by you. Of course your parents would have the first period of being shocked and in denial, but if eventually they come back around and stick by your side, congrats you got blood related family who truly love you for who you are. And if they reject you, kick you out, congrats you have finally seen through them for who they truly are.

  5. Please read this one 3 more times. You loving yourself is more important than anything else. Being authentic to who you are is the best bet for happiness.

  6. Your expectations are valid and sometimes it is difficult for parents to fully accept the reality; can’t say what it is for your mom but they can only go on their assumptions and past experience. I am optimistic if you share your life with her and she sees it isn’t “unsafe” or “scary” that with time she’ll come around. I’d let her know what your expectations are for her so she knows what you want. Ask her if she has more questions. If she’d like to meet him?

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