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  1. Look forward to seeing this on the next Nick Hancock's Football Gaffes DVD.

  2. Buy it. Apply the icon Pack. Uninstall app. Get refund. Enjoy

  3. U can get them for free i saw a post earlier here. Download them then use Theme Park to change them.

  4. Yeah I saw that. This is a full app however and much easier to apply.

  5. I’ve never seen him play so I’m trying to envisage this. Does he have massive socks and those tiny Jack Grealish style shinnies? Or does he have weirdly massive shinnies with tiny socks?

  6. just some weird baggy socks pulled down for no apparent reason creating the illusion of no shin gaurds.

  7. Apart from this video being shared on Reddit, what's actually being done to help?

  8. It’s great. Isn’t it? I’ve been team Firefox for well over a decade and I’ll gladly stick with it as long as I can.

  9. I've never used Firefox. I've read that Google services don't work on Firefox. Is that true? How do you get around that?

  10. I'm in my final year of mental health nursing at university.

  11. Google search works differently (there is an extension to make it think you are using Chrome), hangouts and meet have not worked in my experience, if you google "google services not working in firefox" there are many other services that have intermittently had problems.

  12. Oh that's interesting. I am assuming this is on purpose from Google? Why wouldn't they do the same to MS Edge? Are they not their biggest browser competitors?

  13. A basic tablet with free cloud storage such as drive or dropbox, with Notion set as your homepage would be my recommendation.

  14. Aye thats more like it. The other "big clubs" if you see what I mean. Tbh I include the Dundees in it too but forgot to mention in the other comment.

  15. Ha ha I was actually going to mention the beef between Dundee and Hearts.

  16. Even worse. No one will ever actually look at the list lol! No one cares about your trophy list except you.

  17. This. If you are trying to achieve trophies for other people's that's really odd.

  18. I find myself starting to type a comment before stopping myself halfway through. We are all strangers and every comment, unless good advice, is meaningless at the end of the day.

  19. I recommend not using the sleeping app in the background usage limit. For rarely used applications, only use "deep sleeping apps."

  20. New free Area added today😁

  21. Gaffel Kolsch. One of the best examples of the style. Clean, crisp, noble hop character with just a great balance of slightly toasty bready malt backbone. Highly refreshing and infinitely quaffable. Should be easy to find as well.

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