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  1. Thank you! Your comment made me smile, and it means the most to me.

  2. Don't mention it! Bad days go, good days come it's how it goes. Keep doing small things to slowly get to a point where you are in control, so you have peace in mind!

  3. Drop porn, and never ever go into watching it (it can easily ruin your life, trust me as a 23yo guy that had a big negative impact from this). Without porn you'll loose interest with time, and you'll won't even want to do it anymore.

  4. To find out my desire you must become a monk, but then you must keep it secret from those who aren't monks

  5. I was on that path. Bread, water, meditation and some art for your artistic expression is an interesting way of life that can be completely fulfilling while being incredibly healthy for your mind and body.

  6. It does make you feel many things, or possibly all of them if it is so to be. While feeling is at the core of the human experience of life.

  7. Two car semi circle for my driveway

  8. Taking notes. Entertainment + Practicality is covered in your house for sure

  9. I was in a survival camp in one of the northern states of my country. Me and my group along with the group leader, went down into the valley that was full of pine trees and at the bottom had a creek. We set up camp and some guys tried to set up fish traps. I was trying to avoid my then crush and now ex girlfriend so I put on my headphones and went to gather wood for the campfire while listening to Taylor Swift telling an ex about why she left him. Our group leader warned us about wild dogs in the area. They weren't " actual " wild dogs, just pet dogs whose families left them in the wild. Anyway I was confronted by three of them. Two of them I hit with a stick and drove them away the third one tried to bite me but I wrestle a lot with my pet dog so I know how take down a dog. We had a tussle and got cut up pretty bad due to the rocks on the ground but fortunately I wasn't bit. My group leader praised and scolded me since I managed to hold my own against the dogs but got cuts that could have become infected.

  10. Such a strong story! It shows that when trouble comes our way, we shouldn't focus on it solely as things from the sides can always come on top. You were fortunate to have skills with fighting dogs to not be bitten or worse. My respect, and hats off goes to you!

  11. thanks! if I wasn't broke i'd give you an award... here's an imaginary one.

  12. If you’re 14 every teacher, parents, adults, Reddit’s tell you you will fail if you try start your own business.

  13. Yeah I really do believe in myself, that’s what people hate though.

  14. You are making life what you want it to be. Step by step you can go anywhere you want, even if the steps are small and slow. If you love what you do, you are already halfway there :)

  15. I have full blown out dances in the shower with music playing in my head

  16. Gonna be 10 years till DE gets around to it

  17. Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me, and your comment made me smile :) 💙

  18. I was at a huge shopping centre in Japan with my dad and my sister, I needed to go to the toilet but the nearest ones were half way across the shopping centre and my phone was dead so I borrowed my dad’s phone so I could go off alone and call them and meet back up with them after.

  19. That is soo bad. How old were you, if you don't mind me asking?

  20. Stepping on a pregnant cat belly slowly till she died.

  21. I'd like to open an upscale restaurant with a grand piano in its elegant piano bar - a place where guests could enjoy great food and fun times.

  22. This is so good! Keep working towards this and it can happen. Anything is possible in this world.

  23. I presume that I see a fellow slav? :) Unfortunately, I've stopped with this godlike food when my grandma died...

  24. Honestly my highschool bully told me on several occasions that no one would even miss me if I jumped in front of a train at that moment, or she'd ask me why I even had any social media because 'no one wants to see your fucked up face anyway'.

  25. This is inhuman and trashy. Glad that you were smart enough to not let these empty words get to you.

  26. Worst part is that when I met her a few years after, she asked why I didnt like her, I told her what she told me and she flipped out, saying I was badmouthing her and she would never say things like that. She went to her counseler and since they weren't sure what happened they wanted me to apologize to HER, obviously I didn't, but it was a whole thing.

  27. This experience gave you an example on how bad some people can be. So you understand people more, which is useful in life.

  28. My dream when i was a kid, like 5 to 10 was to be a stuntman or a WWE wrestler. Now i'm 30 and i regret a little i have failed to achieve those dreams but i'm still happy. I've set more "down to earth" goals during my teenage years and i achieved em all. I have a decent amount of money from a job that doesn't stress me out much couse i like it, a good looking happy wife, 4 houses (1 where i live, 1 on rent, 1 for my sister and 1 for my mother). For a little dreamer that came out from exreme poverty and from a suburban area with no future is not much but it's honest.

  29. Don't downplay yourself. You made it! You actually made it! Dreams change with you changing along the way. Enjoy your life, as it's a dream life for a lot of people.

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