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  1. The crazy (and most fun) part is that, after finishing each of the Stormlight Archive books, you can go back to this very Prologue and you'll know enough that a few new pieces of the puzzle snap into place. There's always a character that you suddenly recognize in the background, or some little detail that suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. It's wild.

  2. “zeth” is how it’s said in audio formats and how Brandon’s pronounced it too

  3. I try to blend the "s" and the "z" together but it really still just sounds like "zeth". Whaddya gonna do?

  4. I don't think he read anything because he gets a lot of details wrong like when he said the protags do nothing wrong. Vin has done some brutal stuff

  5. Most of our Protagonists are murderers, in fact. How many people has Kaladin killed? Or Vin? Or Dalinar? You don't "become the Blakthorn" by acting like Ghandi.

  6. I mean, even if we only remember the big moments, we have Dalinar

  7. The only way the Wired "journalist" has any sort of point at all is that we don't often see the Protags do terrible things "on screen", in the present (mostly because they've learned from past mistakes).

  8. What works for me is taking long books to work, and reading them on my breaks instead of staring at my phone (or the laptop in the break room) the entire time. Bring a bookmark that you don't mind losing, just in case.

  9. "Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do," as Kaladin leaps down onto the sandy floor of the arena is still one of my favorite moments in the entire series.

  10. Yeah, it is urithiru. Isn't much of a spoiler to say the next book at least starts there since the last book ended there.

  11. How many other authors print pages and pages and pages of elaborate descriptions and flowery language instead of adding content?

  12. "while many other authors give you maybe a cool intro, a cool midpoint and maybe a fun ending with hundreds of pages of slog to fill the rest"

  13. I see lots of people complaining about his prose, but for me, the prose is one of my favorite things about his writing. Yes it's simple, but it's also approachable, and more like how I speak and think.

  14. He's also found a sweet spot of giving you just enough description to let your mind fill in the blanks without going into 4 pages of detail to "set the scene".

  15. It is an awaked wallpaper given the command to "destroy reverb!"

  16. "Hello, I would like to destroy some sound waves today."

  17. Reckoners is fantastic. I normally can't stand first person narrative but somehow, when Brandon does it, I don't mind.

  18. Yeah, but everyone hates that stuff. It's coarse, and rough, and it gets everywhere.

  19. As others have said, you can cheese a Raid by getting everything mad at you and chasing you, and then simply walking around inside the red circle on the map until you get the "raid's over" message and the circle disappears, at which point you can sprint away until your base is out of sight - which will cause almost all the raid monsters to despawn - and then come on back.

  20. More exploitable way to end any raid is to logout - upon reloging back all raid mobs will be despawned and the raid will end.

  21. ProTip: not only does an empty belly mean jack-all for HP, it means you NO LONGER NATURALLY REGEN ANY HEALTH. Once you Glass Ankles off a few slopes, you're on Death's Door and will stay that way indefinitely.

  22. Don't go in at night. Always be rested. Repeat: ALWAYS BE RESTED.

  23. If the game is being dumb about letting you plop a workbench down, liberal use of the hoe is the actual simplest solution.

  24. Just as in real life, standing UPHILL from whatever you're cutting down is the smarter play.

  25. Should have taken the shot at night the moment the "You are Cold" message pops up.

  26. Actually, a question to the community - what would be the best early stone/flint weapon against skeletons? A club, a torch?

  27. Basic club can kill no-star skellies in 2-3 hits. Once you've killed a few, you can use the Bone Fragments to upgrade the club so it takes 2 hits more often than 3. It's a win/win, you barely need any mats to have a Level 2 Club in-hand and it wrecks skelly boys all day long.

  28. To be fair, 4 skellies at once is rough until you can make better armor/shields. No shame in dying to that if you're still walking through the woods in caveman gear.

  29. So great that XBOX release revitalized the playerbase here :)

  30. Or even "Just barely made it back home with all our loot, somehow" feelings.

  31. Be sure to take a screenshot of that and post it to this subreddit. Ideally with a title like, "Hey guys, do you think this'll be enough Iron?"

  32. Meaning no disrespect to anyone else, we're all fans of this wonderful series, but I legitimately don't understand the "it's too wordy" complaints.

  33. I think it's because "The Way of Kings" is 4 syllables and "Knight of Wind and Truth" is 5, so it "sounds off" to a lot of people.

  34. It was great, but I'm back now. Left Hawaii to freezing temps and snow on the ground...

  35. From the Purelake straight back to the Frostlands...

  36. They lurk single-file to hide their numbers.

  37. Funnily enough, the answer is 'Yes, actually." They even have an adorable little doggy paddle animation while swimming!

  38. "I reject your Gravity, and substitute my own."

  39. Long story short, its main use is to spear wounded Serpents while near the shore, then drag them onto dry land to finish them off. This way, you can get the Serpent Scales and Trophies that normally sink out of reach if you're killing them over the open water.

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