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  1. We would love to share more content with anyone we even do requests!

  2. Oh I do! I make sure to treat her well every night of course. We offer more content and even do personal requests if anyone is interested.

  3. Don’t let a bad table get to you. Play a character at work be happy when your not, be positive when your down. Make fun of customers in the back to release stress. Scream in the walk in if you have too.

  4. You shouldn’t be a teacher. That was a violent and oppressive reaction. You should resign immediately. You really need to evaluate yourself and how you thought that was a good reaction. You should not be allowed around children.

  5. That's a fine tip, it's like half a percentage off 18% which is going to be large top auto grat at many places. Anything above 15% is perfectly adequate in the vast majority of cases. You're being greedy in my opinion. You probably had like 5-6 tables in a two hour period and were compensated a hundred dollars or more before considering wages, I don't see the issue.

  6. Bucket of fried chicken from popeyes. All drumsticks and mashed potatoes with gravy and cornbread. All washed down with mountain dew and a cinnabun for dessert.

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