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  1. I would say to get the best headshots that you can right from the get-go. A lot of actors go for the cheaper side standard headshots. You know the ones im talking about. The cookie cutter Walmart Eye Center type.

  2. It would have been more satisfying to win SB 50. To win in-spite of the refs cheating us out of the game and the headhunting Cam received.

  3. What lmao??? She does not have a song called reputation. That’s a whole album. I think you don’t really know much about her music to be calling her unimaginative when you just made up a song, and the other one was a huge hit, likely the only reason you know it exists

  4. The song was End Game. With a major lyric being “Big Reputation “. Guess you don’t really know Taylor Swift since you couldn’t figure out what I mean lmao har har har.

  5. I know her music lmao, you pulled the name of an entire album and pretended that it was a song. It’s your favorite song by her yet you don’t even remember the name. Oh also end game is another one of her singles. Also probably the only reason you know it exists

  6. The solution is for technology to progress and level the playing field from a production stand point. When an indie director can legit deliver a film rivaling a theatrical release then they are free to cast the majority of the actors of their choosing. That goes for all types of of undiscovered actors. Until then there will always be subjective bias and middlemen casting directors.

  7. I think for the suburban white kid the 90s were fantastic and I remember them very fondly. Things did seem more hopeful. Hopeful about technology and the economy. I also personally had a ton of hope in NASA.

  8. Adam Driver and Chase Stokes. Both of their faces look like hamburger meat

  9. Not sure if this will help you. But my mentality with nerves (and it took a while to get there) is that I just sort of look at it as my back is against the wall, so my true self (or my best) is forced to come out. It isn't a choice for me to be shy about the performance. Because giving anything less, or succumbing to fear will be a disservice to your art.

  10. I really want a Star Wars story where Anakin defeats Obi-Wan and goes on to kill Palpatine and rule the galaxy. This would mean Luke and Leia were raised essentially as sith lords and of course have to eventually rebel

  11. Why rebel? Sounds like the best outcome towards peace for the galaxy.

  12. It's the mobos that are the problem. Seen Zen 4 prices drop twice already since launch in Australia but the mobos haven't budged one bit.

  13. I also think its because AM4 is such a good platform. I mean how many people are really getting CPU bound on a 5950x. CPUs are so fast now days. Upgrading to AM5 is a luxury. I'll be waiting for Zen 5 personally.

  14. I just had a thought. Maybe part of the reason he feels he killed anakin isn’t just because he hates anakin, but because his choices (which he regrets) literally killed anakin. Like he thinks he murdered his wife, and padme was anakins life. So his mistakes literally killed anakin. I mean he also hates anakin and wanted to kill off that “weakness.” Just a thought

  15. I think it’s rather that Vader can’t accept what he can’t control. Vader and Anakin are the same person. The only way Anakin could rationalize his actions was by becoming Darth Vader.

  16. The face reveal was cool but the interaction as a whole was very wack with Vader thinking he killed kenobi with rocks and kenobi deciding to let space Hitler live.

  17. Yes absolutely. Also the fact that Obi Wan won at all and had a goku plot armor moment was pretty much bullshit.

  18. I’m chalking that up as - road game after a deflating loss against a team that was in must win mode - that was attriooucs and no excuses but I’m wiping that from my slate:

  19. I agree had the refs not screwed us against Atlanta then we would have seen a different Panthers team vs the Bengals.

  20. Curious how the science works. Doesn’t your DNA lose it’s original information over time? How exactly do you wind it back and have your cells regenerate to a prime state ?

  21. Would this have actually been of any good use back in its day ?

  22. The Batman. I’ve never seen a movie receive so much recency bias in my life . Colin Ferrell does a Robert Deniro impression the whole movie and Robert Pattinson basically steals Christian Bales Batman voice. Then he just stands and looks around the whole time and everyone thinks he’s greatest. Yes, I saw The Lighthouse.

  23. They need to bring back the lobby before the game loads so we can talk massive shit to eachother again

  24. Yeah but why did they take away team snipers? That was my jam

  25. Popcorn and rice cakes, pretzels actually aren’t that bad either.

  26. It doesn't matter if they can't produce for us. Same thing with Gano. One clutch kick gave that guy way too long of a leash. He and Slye choked with the game on the line.

  27. I’ve been going for years. I’d really like to see them make some additions to the event

  28. If a fight is unavoidable, make sure you fight in grass or some kind of ground softer than concrete. So many people are killed by getting knocked out and their head hitting pavement.

  29. No it’s literally because it’s makes no god damn sense. Vader beats his ass the first meeting then Kenobi has a Goku plot armor moment with no prior justification and gets some massive power boost to kick Vaders ass. It’s simply protagonist bias. If Kenobi is that strong and that badass, then why doesn’t he lead the resistance to defeat the Empire ? Why does he let Luke fight his battles for him. It’s stupid .

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