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  1. …..cops probably wouldn’t do anything too if y’all beat him up.

  2. The back pay on this is going to be huge!!! Hopefully you do an update post with good news

  3. If this is Arkansas and he he hurt the fetus, is that punishable by law? I know flipping a car for a traffic stop is just SOP.

  4. Sooo... how? How was she arrested for endandering someone who doesn't exist?

  5. You are correct. There are studies that reveal that Black Americans are undertreated for pain. Here is one link on it:

  6. Yeah. To this day when doctors are asked if believe black pt have a higher tolerance to pain a very high percentage say they do

  7. Keep it simple. Buy a Camry and invest, I mean gamble the rest! Both cars will take you to the same destination.

  8. That really depends on where you are. Sometimes a Carley just can’t get over the hill in a snowstorm 😂

  9. Well. Maybe we’re just at that point of capitalism 🤷‍♂️ unsustainable growth?

  10. Tell me your from Wisconsin, without telling me your from Wisconsin? 😂

  11. Ope! Y’all Irish people were never marginalized, on the account y’all white /s 🤦‍♂️

  12. 😂 in his defense, sarcasm doesn’t come across text tho.

  13. 😂 yeah, naw. I would like to not piss out of my ass for the next few days.

  14. that, and also different countries operate with varying definitions of what classifies as homicide and what's acceptable of the government to carry out as executions

  15. 😂 when you’re used to bullying weak people

  16. 😂 I was just thinking that too! Like did she just show her the video?

  17. …..people tell him there’s still time for his son to go gay in prison?

  18. This is how underground fires are started. If there's anything flammable down there, theere will be hell to pay and the ground they're standing on will be the price.

  19. Not to mention that “gateway to hell” too. It wasn’t a Molotov but a grenade.

  20. Ah. You NPC always getting in the way of main characters! /s 😂

  21. In a lot of stomach. Gotta share the luck 😂

  22. That’s why quality friends are better than have a lot of them. Sounds easy but hard to do since from middle school through early college, we’re taught more is better.

  23. 😂 I was wondering the same. But either way, can’t be good.

  24. I looked into this a few years back when I heard it too. Apparently it was never official (put onto paper or writing) but everyone knew. So the city can deny it ever happened.

  25. Maybe he’s trying to put a store together to compete with big box retailers 🤷‍♂️

  26. I’m a shit manager and don’t see value in good employees. I can replace you for someone less greedy. Well that backfired.

  27. And you would at least think to talk to a lawyer to see what could happen. But I think it’s just that most people think workers would just roll over. But for 50k, even after all the lawyers fees and tax, it’s still pretty well worth the fight.

  28. It's pathetic. They've set up the icahn short selling narrative and borrowed 2+ million to short gme today. Wait for the new headlines tomorrow. I'm hoping the acquisition or something happens soon so that I can laugh.

  29. Hopefully before the Jan 2x 😂 got some calls on that

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