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  1. Only thing it could be I think but I’m not sure why I haven’t seen it In a while

  2. I think the only acceptable think that the Indiana Jones universe could add is a short round spin off. Not replacing Indiana Jones but with noticeable inspiration from him.

  3. I hope it’s as simple as the original but with new things and better backgrounds.

  4. I get to hear the Raiders March in all its glory in the theater for a new movie. I haven't had that happen before.

  5. That’s true I get to see one of the movies in theaters for the first time

  6. I’m excited to see how they end the movie. Will it leave us with a end to Indiana Jones or will it be open to interpretation

  7. Ik people are complaining about the CGI but looking back at the OG films and the CGI was bad but we love them anyway. I think the CGI doesn’t matter. The story matters and the story looks good.

  8. Ahh yes that’s what I have been missing do you have one you would recommend?

  9. Roger waters was my #3 most listed artist behind #2 arcade fire and #1 Pink Floyd

  10. What about Keep Talking from The Division Bell? It seems to fit that lost behind a wall feeling of The Wall.

  11. Ok I can see this after the song nobody home when pinks wife won’t call him.

  12. This might be a bit out there, but a thought I've been playing around with recently is thinking of Wish You Were Here as a sequel to The Wall story, what with all the songs criticizing the music industry which ties in directly with Comfortably Numb, or even the songs dedicated to Syd, which could be seen as Pinks bands tribute to him. It's possible I'm overthinking this.

  13. Oh ok that’s interesting because I kinda feel the same way. I find it interesting that I’m have a cigar there is the line oh by the way which ones pink. Ik that it’s not related to pink from the wall but you could stretch it if you wanted to.

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