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AITA for Banning my Daughter from Prom?

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  1. I am very hesitant to do "rule of cool" stuff for this exact reason. Consistency is key. If one day you let something slide arbitrarily and the next day you don't it can be frustrating for everyone involved. If you and your players can't find fun within the rules of the game maybe the game isn't for you?

  2. what a shitty response from a wholesome post in which everyone had fun. the post ends with saying that everyone had fun and are looking forward to playing again and your response is that maybe the game isn't for them? what a toxic response. Your point about consistency is valid however the game at the end of the day is about having fun whilst remaining ruled so the game still has this power behind it so it means something when you win or lose so the gratification stays there. in this instance both objectives were complete. rule-bending or breaking if used to make the experience better is always so much better than dnd 5e raw.

  3. There was nothing toxic about their way of phrasing it, they just said they were hesitant, not that noone should ever do what OP did and that OP is a trash human being just for playing the way they like

  4. when reading a post about a good time a group had if your response is that the game isn't for them because they weren't playing it raw then yeah I think it at least isn't a pleasant response.

  5. "do you have that money you owe me?"

  6. NTA. simple really. they had the chance to be written into the will but they didn't choose to be in his life so they don't get to now come asking for his things. they were acting like he was already dead and now think they deserve more than they were given.

  7. with free websites, they can only continue to operate if they put ads otherwise they don't have any way to profit. you have two options. free to use website with ads or costs money to use website without. it's not asshole design it's a way to make you actually think about how free things exist.

  8. YTA Your not looking for people to disagree with you. every comment you have responded to has been just disagreeing with them even though they make very valid points. your out of line with these punishments. 2 months without being able to go outside or speak with friends or use her phone is ridiculous on their own. you are about to make a mistake that she will hold against you for much longer than you would hope. she won't remember the lesson you're trying to teach her by going way overboard. you need to find a balance and you have gone way over. you need to loosen the punishment and not be too stubborn to do it. she is almost a legal adult and should be treated as such. disapproval and light to medium punishment is expected however 2 months of not going outside or friends or phone and removing the most memorable event you get from highschool and the last hurrah with her friends is going to cause much more issue and cause more damage than its worth. you will not teach a lesson you will damage your relationship with your daughter. she is your daughter but she is her own person and soon to be 18. its time to let her make her own decisions. your allowed to disapprove and take away things you have paid for but not allowing her to see her friends or go outside or take part in prom is a permission that you might find she decides isn't yours to give or take. but regardless of all of that the punishment does not fit the crime and as such yes YTA

  9. YTA. you thought you were doing her a favour by mentioning it because it was obvious to EVERYONE else and someone else would've pointed it out? yeah shut up man they are shaded glasses that she put on. no it was not obvious your kidding yourself if you think everyone knows the brands of shades and which are men or female or unisex. shades are not gendered items weather or not your using an outdated perspective on clothing or not shades have never been a gendered item.

  10. well he did have them but then he looked to the sky and saw a giant fucking skeleton head with glowing eyes. he used to go by Chris Dickandalsoballs but has since changed it.

  11. Curry sauce. like chip shop curry sauce. the best thing to exist ever

  12. Not the asshole. plain and simple. regardless of whether or not they had any right to that ring the fact that it was brought up at the funeral is beyond out of order. they don't want to keep it in the family they want an expensive ring because his girlfriend likes it. I'm so very sorry for your loss and sorry that you dont have the right people who understand you as well. well done on going to therapy. good luck with the lawsuit and I wish you well. love is the most amazing thing we do and it's the most dangerous as well. be happy it happened not sad that it's over. stay strong in your belief.

  13. i was just scrolling through the main page of Reddit and I don't know why but my immediate presumption was that it was a furry costume until I looked at the title and the subreddit it came from

  14. I had a really long fight as a dm with my group. the big boss had a glowing eye that once they knocked all his health down and it looked like he died the eye glowed and the two smaller minions in the fight began to glow as well and then the boss got back up. after a couple of rounds, I tried to make it even more clear that the main dude would not die without the others. they took down one of the minions and I described the glowing to have dimmed but not fully gone to help explain that they couldn't kill the boss without taking out the much weaker minions but still, the entire group was pounding into the boss each turn they would hit and deal damage I would describe the death and the eye that connected both the boss and minions but they kept not getting it. I even started describing the glowing eyes as life-sustaining gems so it was painfully clear what I had built for them. when they figured it out they all praised the player that figured it out like a genius and finally solved the riddle I had not intended to be a mystery. it was supposed to be a challenge but not one that I thought would kill was close.

  15. Woa… killing characters when they’re not even present…? That’s a really shitty move on the DM’s side.

  16. to be fair it was the second session he had missed in a row

  17. …so what? He doesn’t get to play the game, he doesn’t get to hang out with friends, he doesn’t get the laughs and memories, and he gets his character killed? Did someone go slash his tires too? Cut off his pinky toe and use it to get ransom money from an apparently wealthy fat man?

  18. from the above image alone you should be able to tell he was chill about it, if you're angrier about it than the player is then maybe chill.

  19. I think we have created lots of random rules and beliefs and judgments that when thought about don't make sense but have been so hard wired into you that even though they are irrational you will still subconsciously stand by them. 1. nudity (unless you have bad intentions then it's just your body as long as hygiene is still kept at a standard). 2. same-sex incest (no risk of birth deformity, but it's just seen as a bit icky and I agree however it doesn't make sense) 3. prostitution (it's just like any other urges most people feel the need to orgasm, if legalised it could be done much more safely to protect the sex workers because it may be illegal but it's still done worldwide, its seen as dirty but just like the porn industry people would be tested in advance and contraceptives would be used to provide assurance that no pregnancy would occur). there are many other rules that when thought about don't make sense however are still in place. sex is not dirty, almost everyone does it. (I'm actually a-sexual so i have an outside view). and there are lots more. anyway thats my opinion

  20. I don't want to spend ages typing out a bunch but I will give another. Masturbation, its a generally known fact that most people do it, as long as it's done hygienically there absolutely nothing wrong with it but if you caught someone doing it or someone caught you doing it, you would be embarrassed however i don't see why there is anything wrong with doing it around other people, just chilling in the lounge masturbating. as long as you are higenic about it and you're not sweating on the sofa lol. its literally - "i would like to feel good, im going to shake my dick about because in a minute or two im going to feel good, i have a tissue prepared so I'm not going to expel anything on furniture or clothing or the floor" but society is like "nah bro thats fkn shit, your fucked up and a sinner. either dont do it. or do it quietly in your room with your door locked and dont let anyone know." its literally shaking a thing on your body until you feel nice.

  21. "SURPRISE!!" *takes off hat and holds it* "Ma'am I'm very sorry but Your son has died overseas, We accidentally drone striked him" *party popper pops*

  22. I met my step-mum when i was 8 and since then we have grown so much closer, just 4 months ago we bought a house. me, my dad and my step-mum. my dream is to do what my step mum has done for me. i want to adopt a troubled youth in mid-teens and just love them and give them what they need and let them know that this world is actually filled with so many great people. i imagine that when they pass the house will likely go to me and if so i want to raise them here and have them do the same. i want my step mum, and my legacy to be the same. to find someone who is lost and help them find themselves just like someone did to me. and i want it to keep happening after i die. im 17 so that might be where life takes me and it might not happen but its a nice dream to aim for. if i end up anywhere near it will be a life worth living.

  23. not great but Christmas makes me feel a little better. stop thinking about myself and just let myself be with the people who matter most.

  24. be Christian. I'm now agnostic but christianity

  25. police..i would call the police. I'm not chasing some dude, I'm not raising some baby.

  26. no one gets out alive, don't kill yourself because you will die in the end so just do whatever makes you and others happy. be nice. what the television series "afterlife" on Netflix. that is all thanks

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