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  1. Modern conservatism is barging into a womens health clinic thinking you’re a freedom fighter.

  2. Yes and it's just wonderful. Stan shooting down reindeer and shit with an m60 lmao

  3. I think it's only a matter of time until the unvaxxed will be denied health insurance or life insurance. That might wake up a few people, but these Q people have adopted a completey different reality from.... Reality. It's a huge mental hurdle that requires humility to overcome. If a person can't admit they are wrong, due to hubris, disappointment, inability to be humbled, fear of ridicule whatever, they are aren't going to have the will to change.

  4. I think with insurance and unvaccinated, it might be like if you are a smoker. You automatically are put in the highest bracket for premiums. Very expensive insurance.

  5. Yeah I have two autoimmune diseases and my premiums are sky high for insurance in the marketplace. It’s not even my fault. They are genetic diseases.

  6. Right there with you. I have MS and I finally found a company willing to do a life insurance policy at a somewhat reasonable rate.

  7. That's it. It's like they are watching a sports game and rooting for their team. Or rooting for their favorite person on reality show.

  8. Too fast and blended, with unique pronunciation quirks of the region. I couldn't understand where words ended, so I couldn't understand what was being said, even though I knew most of the words themselves and what they meant. Also sounds funny and complainy, with lots of ups and downs in pitch. It's like you're constantly asking questions and complaining.

  9. A-yep that's Americans. Always complaining. I should know I am one.

  10. There is a silver lining---medication breaks delusion. They should prescribe her something in the psych hospital.

  11. Yep getting her to continue to take her meds will be a thing. If she stops taking them, you usually can recommit without alot of the hassel of the first time

  12. THIS is why we need single-payer healthcare in America. Medical care is not a commodity like Xboxes or lemons. None of us can know when we will need 2 million dollars’ worth of medical care, and it’s cruel to make anyone choose between their life (or their child’s life) and financial stability.

  13. Having eaten lengua (beef tongue) most of my childhood and adult life, I can say lengua is one of those weird things that is either REALLY good or REALLY bad depending on how it's prepared and by who. I will always try lengua when it available on the menu but I always get a back up in case it is on the latter side. Now, where I live, there is a taco truck that is pretty far away, but I will drive out there at least once a month because they make, hands down, the BEST lengua tacos I have ever had. In short (or long) talk to a Mexican friend (we always know) and ask them where to get a good lengua taco and then try it. REALLY good lengua is one of the best things I've put in my face.

  14. Had homemade tripe once. It was in the bad category. Only thing to drink with it was watered down country time lemonade but only if you mixed it with moonshine they had just brewed up. Horrible horrible experience That whole night was a new level of fucked up for me

  15. "Man who go to bed with itchy butt, wake up with smelly finger.' -Confucius

  16. Man who fly plane upside down have nasty crack up. Luo Bao

  17. I didn’t, but now I see nothing but that

  18. I instinctively read that in Roxo the Clown's voice.

  19. The Room. Not so much a horror movie, more a psychological thriller IMO. But the amount of anxiety and stress it caused me was immense. Definitely had me scared for the main character

  20. Reminds me of the "Sword of Truth" fantasy series. I had just finished the "Wheel of Time" and the Sword of Truth was highly recommended.

  21. My understanding is that the author of the books was going through a nasty divorce when he wrote the series. Or at least the first books. Thus all the misogyny and women basically being torturers.

  22. It’s funny because I had a similar thing happen and now I’m just Borderline.

  23. Instructions unclear. Now stuck in the Borderlands video game.

  24. The font in that email is an ethics violation.

  25. Lol what font is that? Its giving me hives just looking at it

  26. If you don't get a paternity test. I think a court can just order one though and hold you in contempt if you refuse, but I'm not sure if that's true in all jurisdictions.

  27. This is correct. When I worked child support for the state, we always got court orders for both parties to provide DNA. Further, the place where the testing of the blood occurs wont get reimbursable by the state if there is no order.

  28. That’s really too bad! South/West of Denver proper has some really nice neighborhoods

  29. We were just in Aurora on the north ish side right close to a large lake. Looked very residential, nice homes, very middle class-y.

  30. I think people really need to hear this type of thing. Business are there to make money for their owners. Nothing else.

  31. Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?

  32. My wife and I say this to each other alot. Lol

  33. Our world anthem would be Venus by Bannaramma.

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