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  1. I love this, “and they would try to set this up as a good thing” argument. Like, yes, a large portion of people understand that gay and trans people exist and it’s not an issue. People being represented isn’t a bad thing.

  2. They keep switching up why they lost lol. “If it weren’t for my uncles friends brothers cousins nieces teachers 3rd cousin twice removed who is a Democrat, we would’ve won 2020 and Jan 6th wouldn’t have happened. Not that Jan 6 is bad or anything guys. Just a bunch of patriots! But it still wouldn’t have happened.”

  3. I love how people think it’s about free speech and not Apple trying to protect their bottom dollar lmao.

  4. This makes no fucking sense lol. Kids can’t be tired to do shit? What?

  5. The Hamburglar and Grimace are known romance and sex icons respectively, so they fit here really well.

  6. “Us conservative men are very straight and get all the ladies, trust me guys, women flock to me! That’s why I used this picture of a hot guy with his dick almost out I had saved on my phone.”

  7. This is actually true, there's even a sub dedicated to that

  8. Finally, someone who gets it. Whenever I bring up this “theory” people act like I’m the crazy one!

  9. God had bigger plans. Like leading him on a string of failed business ventures and eventually winning a campaign based mostly on meme votes and racists coming out of the woodwork, then failing to get re-elected.

  10. Same people can’t operate a very basic piece of technology needed for everyday life without having their grandkids help them out.

  11. It’s funny how conservatives act like there’s about to be some dystopian woke tyrannical surge any second now, when they’re the people on track to fucking up America worse than they already have.

  12. Im mind boggled how it always takes that one little push for conservatives to be so mask off racist/bigoted. With trans people it was bathrooms and sports. For Jewish people it’s Kanye being an open antisemite.

  13. Why do subs titled “memes”, “funnymemes”, “leepicsuperdankmemesxDDD” always have the shittiest, unfunny memes.

  14. Bens the biggest Ukraine supporter. He’s mad that they’re eating the cookies Trump personally baked for Ukraine!

  15. Just standing here at the G.E, with my newly acquired… Rune Scimitar!

  16. People who don’t use turn signals. Even worse in my opinion, people who turn their turn signal on either after they’ve completed their turn or right in the middle of it for a split second. And they do it multiple times, so you know it’s not on accident, and they just drive like an asshole.

  17. Almost all lifted trucks with those high beams constantly directed into your mirrors.

  18. Funny how if Kanye didn’t have a mental break, losers like these would never come even a stones throw close to someone as famous as this. I bet they’re gonna milk it for all it’s worth for the next… rest of their lives.

  19. Hey everyone, this guy at Walmart is a big strong lion in a store full of sheep! Look how manly and independently minded he is for doing something almost every single conservative has been doing since the start of the pandemic!

  20. “We should catch up/hang out some time!” -said by person from high school you haven’t spoken with since graduation and have no way of contacting

  21. Sitting in silence. As a kid 5 minutes in silence not doing anything felt like absolute torture. As an adult I’ve spent hours in silence basically staring at a wall lol.

  22. “Any questions?” Yes, how are your brain worms? Still digging in nice and strong?

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