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  1. This was reported for spam but I’m assuming someone just didn’t get the joke, if OP is a spammer tho hmu

  2. I didn’t magically want to drink more at 21 - we hype up that milestone so much here in the US and it leaves you feeling like you somehow aren’t doing ‘it’ right. You have time to acclimate to alcohol (if that’s what you want) and to figure out what your comfort level is. Your tolerance will change the older you get too (it goes down) and if needed you’ll adjust to that too.

  3. My issue isn’t as much any of these specific things but the fact that something I wanted to do was ruined by a traumatic event that happened a year ago and I was upset about the grasp it still had on me

  4. All I will say is that not all disabilities are visible.

  5. i was thinking of getting a tattoo as well. now this has me concerned i’ll relapse.

  6. I got the tattoo two days ago, the process of getting it was fine but the healing process has me feeling like there are fresh cuts on my thigh. I brush against it and I can feel the mild pain of a fresh wound and the warmth of an immune response. Ultimately though, I’m okay. Also this may be unrelated but the urge to relapse has been hitting me less in the two days since I got it than in the previous week.

  7. Okay so my update is that it kinda does but it feels more stingy. when it went to inside my elbow it was more stingy and when it was more of my actual arm it felt nicer and more like yeeting

  8. Apparently when I was 15 I sent a letter to future me and I’m terrified to know what’s in it

  9. Wasnt there a producer of nickolodeon or something that had a slim fetish, or foot fetish or something. Idk, i remember seeing something about it.

  10. for me, its an expanding outwards pressure starting in my chest and spreading to my arms, it can almost get ‘painful’ if i ignore it and the urge is bad. i think it could be interpreted as ‘longing’ or ‘frustration’ but im not sure. i also dont have much inner monologue about sh ^^

  11. I definitely react to urges the same way I would to untreatable moderate pain. The restlessness and frustration I feel during both is the same

  12. Plz mark as extra spicy when you post things like this thanks

  13. I believe they mean the whole meal they put on your plate, like the standardised serving?

  14. It’s self serve. You put how ever much you want on your plate

  15. Approved because Roblox tiktok is a very weird place to get triggered on

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