News from Death-Stranded

  1. Did she spit on him several times? In this day and age, that's close to attempted murder itself

  2. Which is why you probably wont go deep in the playoffs and you are massive ubderdogs

  3. Personally, yes. I don’t think either way is a hot take

  4. Lol of course he is. We sre also talking about GOATs coming back to todays era

  5. Man if you vou could find stores that still sell Woolite. As someone who wears nothing but darks and colors its the best thing ever

  6. Costco has it! I think it’s seasonal but they usually do a bogo on it too which is weird for Costco in my area.

  7. Its only a coupon or discpunt item. They never carry it full season

  8. How is new Vegas in the deck. I bought it just for that (the Game nit the deck), so now just waiting for the mail

  9. Should be a special water right? Like purified or distillwd. Because a few of them will leave calcium behind

  10. Preload Steam depot sizes hint that it doesn't.

  11. Mind did not say that. Only thing that gave it away was Valve Corp sender

  12. I bought one of those at-home filtration systems from Costco and never looked back. As long as people’s water is biologically-safe, its worth owning one over the long-term, imo.

  13. It is. I tried it first for my GoG library but didn’t care much for it. When I discovered how to put GoG on there, I have stuck with it. Just haven’t taken time to uninstall Heroic.

  14. Apparently. I personally put my earbuds in a pouch in there

  15. Ouch, that glare is really bad. You don't have 512 model?

  16. Even with the the 512 model it will be bad. Its in direct sunlight broh

  17. Yet Nolan never won a Cy Young. The dude was barely ahead in the era. He would be shelled today with his non spin rate fast balls

  18. Smell the fan exhaust: it will have that "new toy on Christmas morning" smell for the first couple of days.

  19. Get a 1TB SD card. That 256 fills up fast and you will only want to you use on the latest AAA games

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