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  1. So whyyyyyyyyy don’t you love me back


  3. Damn, they didn’t play Size of The Moon when I saw them this summer.

  4. Yes they are, I have the comply foam tips for the gen 1 pros on the Gen 2 Pros

  5. “You’re The Reason I Don’t Want The World to End” might be one of the best songs TWY have ever made, hands down.

  6. I absolutely love on summer clothes how he mentions struggling to play steadier footing (death cab) and then ACTUALLY PLAYS part of the song! A great reference to another favourite band!

  7. Just some onliners playing from their billion dollar facility though

  8. By far the most handsome player in pro halo. No question. Don't leave us for APEX, who gives a shit about Apex :(

  9. Try with some bass heavy music , like hip hop . The difference is substantial if you listen to the same song with the same volume . Undoubtedly noticeable improvement, if you immediately compare them side by side

  10. Bass is heavier and the mids and highs are more crisp and forward in the mix. Everything is shaper and less muddy.

  11. I just bought Forza 5 on steam deck. How to I cross play with my Xbox friends? I know that Forza 5 can cross play between steam and xbox. I cannot get my game invites? Pls help, I hope I did not waste 60 bucks on Forza just to play solo.

  12. You need to be friends on Xbox via like the phone app or whatever

  13. I’m hearing some conflicting reports about sound quality between using an iPhone 14/Pro (Bluetooth 5.3) and anything else before it (BT 5.0).

  14. The spectator FOV was too wide. I think they want it closer to 100/105 for that view.

  15. That's fair! We've received feedback for both but the majority enjoys higher. But it's definitely preference. I can enjoy 95 to 118 personally. I do like how the higher it is the faster movement seems

  16. Does using Dynamic Res on PC crash the game frequently for anyone else? When I turn it off it stops hard crashing on map load

  17. I know this is beating the dead horse, but gameplay-wise, Halo Infinite is a blast. I love throwing a Kong barrel at someone’s dome as I’m flying off the gravity ramp.

  18. Yeah the gameplay loop and sandbox are so tight and good in this game. Love that.

  19. I’m literally listening to the new DCFC album right now and I run across this.

  20. GET HIM BARK BARK BARK (Cortana feet charm please) BARK BARK BARK 🐶🐶🐶

  21. Great a 343 employee now knows about my unquenchable thirst for feet

  22. Official Halo 3 settings playlist w Halo 3 maps made in Forge? A boy can dream

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