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  1. For anyone who wants context, some copies of the game broke street date.

  2. That, is what is known as event horizon. The last place known to man before they disappear into the endless void of the universe.

  3. I knew someone else who could do that.. it’s a cool skill. Does it hurt your eyes after?

  4. Oh really? That’s awesome to hear. It only hurts if I do it for a long time, or if I’m tired and my eyes are dry. But I can do it comfortably for about 5-10 mins !

  5. Oof just like me. I have a med pouch with ventolin, spiriva, pantoprazole (temporarily), singulair. I also carry an extra spacer, one extra ventolin, a little bit of Tylenol, gravol and Gaviscon/tums.

  6. Exactlyyy a few people are questioning me as to why I'm carrying all this stuff but I was just in the hospital on Monday and I never want to go through all that again.

  7. Yes. A big reason as to why I carry it around is also because of my long term stress and anxiety with going to the hospital from asthma. Was hospitalized a few months ago from a bad asthma attack and when I was there I caught covid in the hospital 😭 so ya it’s a big deal for me and I’m happy that ur also doing the same. ❤️

  8. It sounds like GERD to me. That’s what was causing my asthma to go crazy. Nonstop all day. Extreme burning, and shortness of breath. I started a PPI ‘pantoprazole’ and it really helped with the acid reflux! My Asthma is still kinda kicking me due to the weather and seasonal changes but it’s not as insane as it was a few months ago as starting the pill

  9. My husband was in the hospital a ton as a child with asthma. Luckily now asthma doesn’t bother him, but it is I who has asthma now. He told me the doctors used to tell him to eat afterwards. Maybe try that?

  10. Yea I like to eat something afterwards too! It’s helps calm me down and divert my attention from the shakiness. The anxiety is also a big thing and I like to be left alone until it wears off

  11. Lollll I listen to other music too lol but there are times where I do like to listen to the in game music too 🔥😊

  12. My asthma definitely gets worse when storms are around 🥲 Right before and sometimes during. I feel ya, a storms raging right now and I could barely move/function all day

  13. I remember a scientific article years ago stated they had traced emergency room visits for asthma attacks to lightning creating some chemical in the atmosphere.

  14. Thanks for the update. I’ll be going completely off social media starting this Friday, until the 29. It’s gonna be weird but worth it. ❤️

  15. I would suggest that if it's that bad, first and foremost you need to be having a chat with whichever medical professional is responsible for your asthma care

  16. Yea I was thinking about the space needed for it. I may not use it inside but for outside. I can use a cane or Walker indoors instead. I’ve especially felt scared when it comes to the shower so using hand rails and a shower seat is something that I’m seriously looking at. Thanks a lot! :)

  17. Hand rails and a shower seat sound like a great plan. I use suction cup rails, so you haven't got to screw them into the walls.

  18. Ya you make a good point, a rollator does actually sound like a better choice. I think I’ll start saving up for one for myself and one for my mum!

  19. これはすごい!!とてもすばらしい!😍🤩そして空にでいいよ戦いています!🤯

  20. I’ve been on Pantropeozole for 20 years very day. It’s only thing that helps my asthma\Gerd. Quality of life is a thing

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