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  1. I’ve done work in developing countries where polygamy is common. As a result one man has four wives, so three guys don’t have a wife. When you get large numbers of unattached young men you get issues. No accident these countries have serious issues with rebellions. In the West, many women are now happy to share an alpha and as such large and growing numbers of men are unattached. This is not about being an “incel” it is about whether or not men can form a family and have some stake in the society they live in.

  2. I don't think his point is that this will directly lead to rebellion. Rather the thing is that a lot of these sexually frustrated and unmarried guys without families ill become more drawn to violent political protests or even rioting.

  3. And then they'll be put down by the government and thrown in jail.

  4. 6 states that allow for abortion at any point and for any reason throughout pregnancy (+ DC). 31 other states allow it for the period where 95% of abortions happen, with exceptions that cover virtually all of the other 5% that happen later in pregnancy.

  5. Classic leftism. Criminalize how someone recieves or perceives a behaviour.

  6. It's all "first world" countries, you need to go to south america for femenine spanish women

  7. If you mean it in relation to feminism, I should note that feminism is surging in South America too, for example see the Ni Una Menos movement

  8. It's time for Spanish men who loathe feminism to move to South Korea - where feminism is being dismantled.

  9. Interestingly, Gen-Z men also voted for the left-leaning Democrats by double digits over the right-leaning Republicans in the Midterm Elections last year:

  10. Get boys back in to schools, and earmark resources to promote academic and financial achievement for boys, including boys only schools.

  11. We are through to our first Wembley semi-final in front of supporters for the first time since Spurs in 2018.

  12. As more and more women leave men and sex behind - 40% of Japanese youth virgins, the 4B movement in South Korea, a quarter of women under 35 not having sex in the US etc - I hope we start seeing a lot more of this. Turning history right on it's head, and I think it'd be by far the best outcome for many women.

  13. So I'm just curious. Is it normal for 2,000 telephone interviews to be representative of 30 million in a country at large?

  14. 2,000 people is an excellent sample from a stats point of view. Bigger than most as well, typically 1,200 is considered the sweet spot.

  15. This is not quite correct. The ban on medication abortion goes into effect July 1. However, on Sunday, March 19th, a total abortion ban goes into effect in Wyoming.

  16. Henry went through the questions asked, Are You A Feminist wasn't actually one of them, so the headline is actually bullshit, just the usual feminist "creative" (lying) interruptation the data based on their idealogical assumptions.

  17. Page 10 explicitly shows you the chart and results by decade to the question "Do you identify as a feminist?", while Page 11 breaks it down by age group.

  18. I took a quick look and couldn't find any question that reads "are you a feminist". Instead what I saw is for example "is fighting violence against women important" - 70% say yes, that's obvious and has nothing to do with feminism, they would get the same response for any question about being against violence against anyone.

  19. I agree. Although nature tends towards a pareto distribution where a tiny proportion of men get lots of women, and many men get no women, society is better served when the split is generally 1:1

  20. I get what you're saying, but we have had robust governing systems in place since the time of Jesus, making your challenge sort of a silly one.

  21. I call this the Cycle Cope: the idea that the current situation is cyclical and it’s bound (for reasons) to come around.

  22. More women than ever identify as feminists and more men than ever see feminism as empowering

  23. Wokes dont like like to follow rules they believe in autonomy. The idea of god frustrates them because it means they have to be accountable. All Christians want to do is restore morality in society.

  24. I know more young people who are religious than I did 10 years ago. There is a shift happening, they just don’t attend church, which is what these surveys base their studies/stats on.

  25. Gen-Z are the least religious and least Christian generation of all time

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