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  1. I don't think the new one bad but the old one looks better

  2. If you can't get up that then I don't know what to tell ya.

  3. They literally told Natalie Holt to make the score "mild" and "modern" 💀

  4. I knew there was something off about the score, really foolish decision by the directors. They should have let her do a cinematic score for this.

  5. Obi-Wan Kenobi is proof Disney don't want to make anything to please the fans.

  6. My head canon is the original 6 films, the Clone Wars and a lot of the EU stuff aswell. As for Disney, most of it I don't count.

  7. On the contrary, I find this extremely funny and good.

  8. This isn't taking a spot away from any of the regular DC animated films right?

  9. Literally describing one of the main things I wanted out of this show, damn.

  10. Cody is literally one of the reasons I wanted a Kenobi project back around the time TLJ was about to release so before the dark times I guess but then again TFA isn't really good either so whatever. Not having Cody was one of the biggest misses of this show.

  11. The Star Wars Saga is 1-6, the DT is seperate in my mind and Disney can do whatever they want with what's left of that dupster fire.

  12. You are saying big publishers can't make proper games while pointing out Batman? Dude have you even played the Arkham games? They are still the among the best superhero games.

  13. If the movie does well then it's almost guaranteed the Rock will make it a reality whether it's Cavill or someone else.

  14. The sequel trilogy for better or worse should only ever have been made with Lucas on board planning it out.

  15. Or Canary Incorporated? Whatever the name, it could actually be a fun limited series or something.

  16. I really hate that system, liek especially the challenge emotes. Those should never appear in the shop jus like season emotes.

  17. No, if the emotes are exclusive then they should have the legendary borders, no exceptions.

  18. With how blurry the footage is you would think the person recording this is filming a Sasquatch.

  19. Yeah the line: "i WiLl DeStROy YoU" really hit me in the feels.

  20. Hey, look they remembered Wonder Woman actually has a rogue's gallery tied in with Greek myth instead of making up bullshit wishing stones or whatever the fuck!

  21. Depending on where you live it could be on a different streaming service.

  22. Yeah then it's on Netflix or atleast it was last I checked, i'm in Europe aswell.

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