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  1. Is there like a ton of commercials and a ton of the same commercial lol

  2. See thats the thing. I hated loadout drops, slide cancel, uav spamming, among other things. These changes sound good to me.

  3. Loadout drops made the game feel comfortable and felt really significant when obtained

  4. I get that, but this is suppose to be a new experience. Not the same. I absolutely love getting attachments off the ground. Caldera isn't going anywhere, you can still have that same experience.

  5. I haven’t played Caldera (probably won’t, but had a really good time in Verdansk). Would be nice to have that same Verdansk experience especially early on. Maybe it will grow on me but we’ll see. Obviously too early as well

  6. The pace seems ridiculously slow with a ridiculously fast ttk. No loadouts? Clunky movement? Different looting system? One UAV per team a game? Like whattttt? Map looks really cool, I guess, but I played and loved Warzone because of its fast pace. There’s a million other slow paced BRs out there. I don’t understand why they’d do a complete 180 after Verdansk Warzone proved mostly to be a success.

  7. Rather just get Verdansk back and try to recreate the first 2/3 months of it

  8. Salamance was the same. Maybe both forms (if there is a new form) are in the game.

  9. So does this confirm/deny parades (future/past) Pokémon? Was looking forward to volcarona

  10. Where’s the best place to get a jersey? I want to get one for my dad as a birthday gift. India

  11. Personally I expect the presents cause they’ve got a few things to hype up, but it could be either. Honestly I’m expecting nothing just so I can’t be disappointed lol

  12. Totoally agree except if it’s nothing, be disappointed. There was no official news during July so there should be something

  13. I was going to cheat but I think we're not friends anymore... Lol

  14. Oooo hopefully legendaries don’t flee often like the dogs during the johto tour. And keeping my expectations in check

  15. Im for once thankful leaks have slowed down to a stand still. I don't want to get too much information 4 months before the game came out. It kills the hype somewhat and makes the wait even longer

  16. That’s fine, but it’s like not you have to be here and read the leaks. Point of this subreddit is for leaks mainly lol

  17. Professional NFL Football Cornerback. He won the Super Bowl with Seattle Seahawks.

  18. Wow, that's a pretty tame "Ultra" Unlock. Barely anything was added other than some extra shiny lotteries and there's still no H Growlithe or H Sneasel in the wild. No mention of any other Hisuian Pokemon coming out anytime soon either. This sucks.

  19. Pretty sure I’ll enjoy the event F2P, but that adventure week research day event was too good for us. At least during the raid day, release the hisuian growlithe and sneasel in the wild for that limited time.

  20. Warriors with Chamberlain are still beating them imo

  21. Only if Chamberlain had magnets like Looney does for rebounds lol

  22. Is it all but confirmed that just Bisharp is getting the evolution? The Pawniard split evo was a mistranslation?

  23. Would be kind of crazy cause Bisharp feels “final”. Split evo makes sense purely on visuals lol

  24. Harden’s teams were on a whole another level offensively compared to Luka. It was super juiced

  25. If someone has the starter sketches, could they please DM them to me?

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