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  1. usually win+r > appdata > delete sc folder > restart > et voila

  2. Imagine trying to solve server side problem by modifying your client side data.....

  3. The Evo builds are apparently in an incredibly terrible state that effectively barely runs and they tend to only deploy them to a very small number of servers, and are effectively just a screen to stop the worst of the issues from going public. We're talking the game crashing on start up, servers dying after minutes of use, perpetually being stuck in spawn, and no end of game breaking bugs.

  4. If you walked somewhere for 4 months in which you stood still first 2 months I'd dare to say you could get there in 2 months not 4

  5. Well cost controls my decision a little don't want to go over 3k but, chipset doesn't bother me as I plan to build something again that I won't have to touch for next decade and even if socket doesn't change often I'm sure it Will be different in 10 years

  6. nice update, had everything +15 got enough to get back only two sets (y) sucks you took all my progress away and made pleb out of my character (y) maybe once my toxicity decreases I might try that update if I won't die of old age before that.

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