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  1. CDPR really said “let’s introduce the keyword devotion, which will encourage diversity in match ups, and reward faction building, then never support it ever and introduce neutrals that control the meta.”

  2. You are absolutely right. I can still remember exactly when eist or junior came out together with the keyword devotion. Oh wait a minute, the two cards came much later than master mirror and thus devotion.

  3. Hey man, I'm assuming you got banned in Spyro's chat and are upset, no need to write an essay on reddit about it, come to my chat, I don't ban anyone and you can use the beautiful !spit command :)

  4. Hey gabanito, I haven't followed you on twitch that long, but I followed you because your heart is in the right place. I'm all the sadder to see that you haven't enjoyed Gwent so much since the last expansion. Have a good time and maybe the next season will be fun again.

  5. I whole heartedly agree with every point. I’ve been watching a couple streamers lately and they can be so self centred with such fragile egos. Most people are calling out one streamer but this applies to a couple out there. Particularly Mosh who’s recently been so tilted. However I like to assume they do it intentionally, its their clique/usp that gets them their views. On the other hand, being told you’re a god awful player for playing an offmeta deck/card can be plain insulting. Especially when you’re a much better player then them. Another point Id love to make is how often they rant about the “OP decks” and then end up playing them after their decks fail. The greatest hypocrisy.

  6. One does not exclude the other. Streamers like spyro or gabane claim to play competitively. Because of this, you can still criticize decks even if you later play them yourself. I like to watch Gabane play at the moment. Despite all the ranting, he doesn't take himself too seriously and that's good for his streams.

  7. Devotion makes sure there are so many binary matchups. Devotion does not give you access to important tech cards. Lock, purify or graveyardhate are not an option for many factions with devotion.

  8. No that’s the only way to stop him. I think even more golds (and a few bronzes) should be row locked. I also think that most contentious golds should be raised 3 or 4 provisions.

  9. Lock, destroy, steal and movement. Sure there is only ONE way to stop him.


  11. Onslaught should give 1 Armor once per turn. Apart from that, the leader isn't exactly the strongest. It's the synergies with the cards together. And I would be more of a friend of balancing cards that are too strong.

  12. The difference is NG takes a lot of setup to do that over many turns and can be easily stopped with some control. Meanwhile Monsters can easily spam cats within 2 turns then bring 3+ of them back every round no issue. its disgusting

  13. When I hear that: a lot of setup. 1st Round: play calveit, then try not not to lose on even. 2nd Round: Open with mushy truffle, then try to give spy status to the best golds the opponent has. Then play the opponent's best cards (preferably several times). Then use leader and hope that your opponent wasn't so smart and put his remaining gold cards back into the deck.

  14. and all I see is monsters sweeping with cat spam and 2:0 70% of games, dont care if you're seething over NG

  15. One squirrel is enough, if you banish the Sabbath round 2 they wont have anything at all for round 3. This is just one of many ways to counter them.

  16. Sigvald is OP too, playing way above his provisions. As such, you can't justify a card being OP saying "but sigvald is 8 prov too".

  17. Imagine you could have up to 3 sigvalds in round 1. Now imagine you could have sigvald up to 3 times in each of the 3 rounds. Sir scratch a lot doesn't seem overly strong to me. If there was only one cat and not 2 or 3, nobody would complain that it can be too much for 8 provisions.

  18. Time ago vij was a thing. It was pretty strong. And instead of keeping vij in check, the developers decided to nerf the leader ability by one charge.

  19. Does anyone receive their second copy?

  20. The link on takes you to a generic gog search page, and this expansion is not coming up under dlc for Gwent on gog. Any idea how long they usually take to get to gog? I would prefer to buy it directly rather than through android/Google as it is usually cheaper that way.

  21. I usually buy the packs ingame. To be honest, I don't know of any other way.

  22. The Melusine nerf is huge. Now you have to reserve Fucusya for her and this makes Selfwound more predictable.

  23. Fucusya doesn’t save melusine to get the doomed status. Fucusyas deploy mechanic triggers first.

  24. I am pretty excited to play with Renfri and with Harmony but NG just got the short end of the stick with this expansion. Those four Cultists do not synergize with anything. At least it seems like it will be a field day for Assimilate (with a buff for Glynnis).

  25. This reminds me of the patch that introduced jan calveit. Everyone complained that nobody needed this card, after all you had blightmaker, dead man's tongue, etc.

  26. Why? You need allied units to boost, which is the opposite of what unitless decks want.

  27. awesome art and expected support for cursed but this expansion has basically been screaming "NO MORE DEVOTION!" which is a real shame

  28. When they showed the evolution cards, I briefly hoped they would remove devotion from the game.

  29. why hoped? the game needs MORE devotion, like a huge portion MORE support for it. the entire meta being dominated and defined by overpowered and ubiquitous neutrals is bad for balance

  30. The best tech cards are neutral ones. Just the fact that you need the next season heatwave makes devotion look bad. Games are binary in many cases if you play devotion. Only SY was able to play devotion because they are the only ones who have the right tools.

  31. You don’t. Double scenario is meme, especially when they have no synergy at all.

  32. That is the point. The cultists need no synergy to others, they simply create synergy.

  33. I don't know how strong or if it's going to be strong at all but I love the flavor of secret Iluminati style secret society permeating Nilgaard which any card can be a part of.

  34. At the beginning of the game the cult is still small but little by little it grows and gets more and more members. I really like that and that's why it doesn't have to become an archetype of its own, but can perhaps support existing ones sufficiently.

  35. interesting idea. This shows how creative this principle can be and how many possibilities it opens up.

  36. It should be a cross faction card for all factions so devotion wouldn’t be dead.

  37. I asked CDPR and they said they wanted to do that at first but it would ruin the flavor of Wolf Pack if it was played in Devotion decks

  38. I was thinking more of MR reverse torque. But I can see that not many like the idea.

  39. The point is this card doesn't really require any real setup. Half of skellige cards deal damage, many do ping damage. Activating the infused deathblow is more than easy. The initial 1 turn of cataclysm is an help in itself. The leader also does damage. This card would be weak in MO or NG. In SK It's broken.

  40. It provides little tempo on deploy but it creates carryover from the graveyard, and most importantly, this card alone can potentially give 3 armor to every ship and pirate in your hand.

  41. Imagine you draw the card in a short round 3. Sry but the card is only ‘good‘ as a meme in a beast deck.

  42. That Seagull already plays for 8. Next level powercreep, here we gooo!

  43. Seagull sounds weak to me. And I don’t like the idea to have my board filled with 1 power units.

  44. Who needs boardspace when you can have up to 8 bodies with 1 power as carryover.

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