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  1. I'm playing as Kendrick Lamar ( his og stage name was K Dot) and 2 of his albums have almost identical descriptions of the album cover art that I underlined. So the "random" suggestions for the cover art were just weirdly accurate lol. hope that makes sense.

  2. I listened. Do you've people in your who you think really love you or someone you love?

  3. its kinda this trap bc i think my mom loves me but she doesnt show it like at all and i love her but i dont want to bc of how much she put me through if that makes sense. it sounds harsh but idk how else to explain it

  4. exactly how i feel atm. the depression kitty from big mouth is a perfect example lol

  5. it’s kind of like every other hip hop heads taste but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing

  6. this is so funny, what are the chances... I've always had this pet peeve about when and whenever, and I recently found the exact same YouTuber and he does the thing INCREDIBLY often, it's been driving me insane. I love the stuff he talks about so I've been trying to ignore it but I just cannot do it anymore. it's been bothering me to the point where I've been researching why this mistake happens and if im actually the one who's wrong here. I googled something like "why do people say whenever when they mean when" and got this reddit post as the top result, was not expecting a reply so recent and about the SAME PERSON I'm having an issue with.

  7. bro omg literally same to everything you said it pains me every time he says it and i was trying to figure out why i thought it was like a bad habit that stuck or something

  8. omfg you had such a good spot im so mf jealous was this at oakland day one or two?

  9. it was actually the Sac show at Golden 1 (8/30)

  10. i was also there and im pretty sure one of them was when he was in the cube getting “tested” and that song was alright but idr the other two

  11. Apparently it is there’s a app called high there seems pretty mid so far and one called 420 singles ima look at

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