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  1. This is already established, so the next thing should be about getting disillusioned voters to participate and remain in the system. This tweet is preaching to the choir and does nothing.

  2. I respectfully disagree. Turnout is key, and preaching to the choir drives turnout. Trying to convince “disillusioned” and otherwise brainwashed voters is an exercise in futility that democracy can’t afford right now.

  3. They also pulled stunts in the (probably stolen) 2000 election. Some of the actors, like Roger stone, have been in their roles since watergate.

  4. Remember when Michelle Obama’s dress didn’t have sleeves? Such a scandal and yet Melania…

  5. Same here. AR-P next to night stand. CZ-P07 with 15+1. Extra AR Mag on the bottom of the nightstand.

  6. I have two 60 pound pits, but I was bred for their protection.

  7. His tweet was satire and the fact that you can’t see this is sad.

  8. Everyone here gets that, including apparently you. And that’s the real surprise lol.

  9. This is how to stay single forever. Maybe dude can marry his pistol lol…

  10. Saying “Jordan Peterson cried” is poor grammar. I think they meant “Jordan Peterson has been crying non-stop for the last 6-7 years and is still crying at this very moment”

  11. I feel like the whole “drugs in candy” things is more from Facebook mom groups than law enforcement, as a general rule

  12. Plot twist: the marijuana candy was real, and the cops ate it

  13. My opinion of the quality of an Ivy League education has dropped significantly since 2016.

  14. It was a stupid thing to say and he should have regretted it.

  15. Memphian here. It’s absolute bullshit. I was happy to see most people on the Memphis subreddit pissed about this too.

  16. These shit bags are usually not from the communities they harass. Here in Cali, you’ll find the mother fuckers driving hours to harass school board meetings, and they don’t even have any kids.

  17. If only right wing mass shooters had this level of self awareness….

  18. If you click the link in the message you can opt out from receiving them - then if someone is spamming the bot to send them to you, the program notices and starts banning the person abusing the system against you. You won’t even know because you’ve opted out but they’ll eventually be booted if they keep sending them after you…

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