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  1. firstly, this launch week was hella weird. they used to drop 20+ comics in one week then SUDDENLY they decided to release just 5. not to mention ALL of the comics are translated from naver. no local comics at all.

  2. Probably not what you were getting at but releasing 5 instead of 20+ is probably better at least.

  3. Oddly enough, I feel like the intro would have worked better if they just started at the part where he was actually making the game. Would probably make the exposition more natural too since it makes sense to explain stuff there.

  4. Probably balcony, Last Battle, and Gravity.

  5. Drawing backgrounds and assets beforehand to be copy and pasted into the comic.

  6. If I need something with multiple angles I usually use some kind of reference or 3d model that I could play around with and just draw over that.

  7. I don't think a lot of people pay attention to the ratings of a webtoon tbh. Especially with how easy it is to abuse them.

  8. Thanks for the response! I guess I’m the only one who takes the rating semi-seriously lol.

  9. Tbh it should be taken seriously but giving it to people without some restrictions just usually leads to it getting abused in some way lol.

  10. Wow i'll be sure to take a look at this! The art style is very striking!

  11. I will give it a read. I'm a Webtoon creator too. Check out Infinity Voltage whenever you get the time.

  12. Oh i've seen your webtoon around a few times! I've been a little curious about it I'll be sure to do that!

  13. Hey, I got around to reading a bit of your story! Sorry, I couldn't have done it sooner I was editing the chapters a bit. I really like it! The art is pretty great and the action is pretty nice. The relationship between the main leads is pretty heartwarming too!

  14. The art is pretty good but some of the layouts, especiallythe action scenes are a littlehard to follow. I'll follow along to see how the story goes, it looks like both your story and you have a lot of potential!

  15. Oh thanks for checking it out! I'll try my best to address the issues you had with my story!

  16. I guess so lol. Feel free to keep reading to see how it turns out!

  17. Feel free to check it out on webtoon and globalcomix!

  18. Yeah I had to bail because I was rushing and I felt that the amount of quality I was losing plus the amount of sleep I was missing wasn't worth it.

  19. This is unordered and I really should check out some more stuff but so far...

  20. Feel free to follow me on either of these profiles for when it releases!

  21. LOL I'd hate to live in the star wars universe. Especially if we're including old EU star wars, I don't want to deal with the Yuzang Vong.

  22. Thanks same to you! I really like the art in your comic and world!

  23. Man I'm not really sure where to begin honestly.

  24. Thank you! I'm glad you like them!

  25. I'm actually gonna release the 2nd ep as a cta entry! You can follow my creator profile on webtoons to get notified when it's out.

  26. What kind of shortcuts do you tend to use to meet deadlines?

  27. Looks good :D May I ask what your story is going to be about?

  28. Thanks! And sure! It's going to primarily be about these characters trying to make ends meet as an interdimensional conspiracy that threatens their galaxy unfolds around them.

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