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Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 1 - 06/09/2022 at 8 pm ET

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  1. I asked for sharks with frickin' lasers in their heads!

  2. Sounds like we need to hire more black city managers.

  3. "Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?"

  4. Sorry, I like people of color. I don't believe I'm qualified.

  5. Nice catch! I wish more know about the states master angler program.

  6. Poppers? That just seems like it would tangle up instantly. I e got a bunch I can try though

  7. Popper flies. Not a popper like you'd use on a bait caster or spin rod. Google "boogle bug popper" for a good example.

  8. Not all of us. There's a few of us sane souls on the Western Sloap that aren't represented by this classless twit.

  9. Mine wasn't supposed to ship until July 3rd, but it arrived last Wednesday. Perhaps you will also have some luck.

  10. Oh man, that's awesome to hear. I'd love to get as much use or of it as possible this summer. I'm pairing it with the new CFO III.

  11. It's possible the expected ship date is a worst case scenario and most are shipping earlier? That's pure speculation though. Hope you get it earlier, it's a fantastic rod. Good luck!

  12. I just got a shipping notification! I'm shocked, but very happy. I guess I don't have to keep being jealous of you. Ha!

  13. I was fishing with a friend once when he caught one that must have weighed near 75 pounds. He looked at me and said, "What do I do?"

  14. Just got off the phone with my boomer parents who said this is all a Hollywood fabrication. That's a new one. My dad told me to go fuck myself.

  15. On the plus side, you're about to find out how magical the holidays are without them.

  16. Al Kaly Shriner checking in! Cheers to you and yours.

  17. The Shrine, to me, is the best part of Freemasonry.

  18. It was a trade show in Chicago. He was signing a This Old House magazine and chatting with everyone. I still have his autograph. I just said a few words about his woodworking show. Bonus: Met Martin Yan at the same event.

  19. I me Martin Yan when I was 8. It's still one of my favorite memories. I'm in my mid 40's now.

  20. Just picked this up for having some fun in the tiny mountain streams near my house. Pairing it with a Battenkill reel, but not sure what fly line to go with? Been reading a lot of guys like Cortland Peach but not seeing it available in 1wt....also hearing Rio Light Line? I see Rio makes a 1wt "Creek" line, but that it was developed for the Sage Dart which is a really fast graphite rod. Tried calling Redington/Rio and can't get anyone to answer the phone.

  21. I bought the 1wt and the 2wt and ended up just keeping the 2wt. I have a 1wt Rio Creek line, unopened, that I could part with since I'm not going to use it. $50 shipped, if you're interested.

  22. Thanks. Did u end up going with the 2wt creek line or something else?

  23. I'm using the 2wt SA Creek line on the 2wt and like it a lot. I honestly could see over lining the butter stick a bit though.

  24. They’re half off at Sierra right now too

  25. I have a 2 weight and it's fun. But I've never seen a 1 weight before either. Sounds fun!

  26. The 2.0 series Redington Butter Stick rods are on clearance for $150 now. I ordered both the 1 and 2 weight to see which I liked better. I kept the 2, but the 1 was pretty silly fun. If I lived closer to bluegill fishing I would have kept the 1, but the 2 was better for the trout I catch.

  27. I grew up bait / lure fishing the local creeks in my hometown in the Sierra Nevada's. I always wanted to fly fish, but I grew up somewhat poor and thought it was a rich man's sport. Despite that I started tying flies at 8 years old. For most of my life I'd tie flies and drag them slowly behind a clear bobber with a spinning rod.

  28. I used the code and overall had a great experience. I would like to warn people that if you use the reddit code or will remove the promotion with the free gloves / brush / plastic spade. Bit of a bummer, but it was still a great deal to take advantage of.

  29. 87? 87 shots? Try not to get vaccinated on your way to the parking lot!

  30. Not trying to be a jerk here, just honest.

  31. It's called the "Hippy Dip". It's the runoff from the resort. If you don't mind soaking in the soup of others then go for it.

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