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  1. I like to have a serious conversational debate with a small group of people with diverse political views. I have questions that I want to hear honest answers from them regarding why they support some views and vehemently oppose others.

  2. If I had to only smoke one for the rest of my life I would pick my MM country gent bent. I’ve never had a bad smoke with it. Furthermore, it smokes my favorite blend Gaslight the best.

  3. I’m completely switching to Sudsy and Grizzly unless they come out with something truly game changing. They aren’t all natural anymore and they are just trying to get out money. I’ll stick with the small guys

  4. These guys fucked themselves when they paid for licensing for Disney owned trademarks. They have to recoup the money somehow and releasing subpar products and repackaging their originals in the paid for licensing characters are all they have left.

  5. The whole tobacco stash? 😬 it’s embarrassing how much I have.

  6. I have 43lbs so I know how you feel. But I was just wanting close up shots of the picture stash

  7. I saw the Radio Shack, missing the Wicks n Sticks and Chess King.

  8. I've got nicer tobaccos but I like to smoke while I work, which is a lot. I've got 7 oz of granger in my mailbox along with 2 oz of MATCH albert clone. I guess my question is, how garbage is the garbage?

  9. I’m the grand scheme of expense of bulk blend pipe tobacco it’s not unreasonable for purchase. C&D makes some awesome bulk blends.

  10. Absolutely! When my mom went into menopause, my dad got really sad, because he thought she lost all desire for him. Going on hormones solved that problem 150%, and is also the reason my mom still has strong bones, in her late 80s (something to do with lack of estrogen leading to brittle bones/ osteoporosis).

  11. That last statement is so true. When that dynamic happens sex seems very obligatory and dutiful.

  12. I'm not crazy about a prequel idea either. As much as I love Jennifer Coolidge, I think the show would still be great without her because there are so many other compelling actors and characters in the mix.

  13. I do like Coolidge but as much attention this role gave her, I don’t think she played the most interesting character. The first season character that was by far the best was Murray Bartlett’s - Armond. The second season was probably a toss up between Meghan Fahy’s Daphne or Harper played by Plaza.

  14. Jesus Christ, the monopoly card is arguably the most OP dev card in the original game. It’s only limit is that you can only request a single resource. I can’t imagine the ability for a player to just spout off resources until they hit paydirt.

  15. The cuts in quality and reskinning have to be attributed to trying to offset the cost of the of all the licensing they have to pay to Disney, WB, Universal etc. I can’t imagine how much using those names to hock soap is costing them. Don’t get me wrong I’m not making excuses for the company churning out shitty products or bad customer service, but this can’t be a sustainable thing for them. I knew when the boxed sets came out that they would start trending into the collectible market. While I do like some of those briccs, I don’t like the practice of marked up repackaged soap.

  16. Yeah, so the new Mando soap drop is about as satisfying as the show itself.

  17. marketing for Disney...Not the way for me.

  18. Just remember OP. “When there’s a nazi at the table and 10 other people are there taking to him, you gotta a table with 11 nazis.”

  19. “In a long black cape with a red light band.”

  20. I would say mail calls are 10% smoking now and 90% cellaring. I started smoking a pipe 10 years ago and I’ve amassed about 45lbs of tobacco over the years buying from online retailers during sales events and taking advantage of free shipping whenever possible. When I would order I would usually buy a single oz of a bulk blend I’ve never tried and then make note to buy more if the ones that I liked next time. As time went on my cellar grew and now I’m to the point where I’ll never finish all the tobacco I have before I die, even if I tried. So I’ll just share with new pipers I meet.

  21. But I’ll bet everyone got a participation trophy though right?

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