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  1. Yeah, no. I have a trans 18 year-old who I don't think is ever going to move out. I'm either staying in Massachuetts or getting admitted to a UK university and moving there. Or to Canada, since my ex-husband is Canadian. My kids can get dual citizenship. It would be the one thing that idiot was good for at this point.

  2. Awesome as long as you're safe that's all that matters

  3. Most would say "won by more votes" but I like "won even harder" way more.

  4. Very simple ask him to provide you with the law or statue stating "it’s the business’ choice to pay overtime"

  5. To me a home is a place to live and grow. People keep placing monetary value on EVERYTHING...

  6. A car is freedom, concert tickets are an experience, eating out everyday is time saver, a second car is fun. People keep placing monetary value on EVERYTHING...

  7. SpaceX is not a public square, Twitter is, it’s not the same. False equivalence from cry babies.

  8. "I'm a centrist. Sure I've only ever voted Republican but I sent a couple tweets politely questioning Trump's judgement that one time so I'm definitely middle of the road." - straight white guy who definitely follows Elon Musk.

  9. "I'm fiscally conservative, and socially liberal" - straight white guy who definitely thinks All lives matter, but does want to face the consequences of people finding out.

  10. Oh so literally nothing will come from it. They won't bar her from getting reelected and she can plead the 5th.

  11. Someone thinking you are a subhuman affront to God isn't a "disagreement". You want pizza vs your wife wants Thai for dinner is a disagreement.

  12. Yeah, you know the recession of 2008 that was Obamas failure. Where was Obama on 9/11?

  13. The recession of 2008 was Capitalism' failure. That's why a lot of young people (millenials and early Gen Z) turned more leftist

  14. Sure me and you can have a rational discussion. But the image posted literally says 2008 recession/failures OF the Obama admin. So stop trying to let Nate off the hook with a more nuanced point, he knows what he is saying.

  15. Made from 100% real Juice packages, not from concentrate

  16. Looks like they did that on purpose, build a sea wall and everything. Pretty cool

  17. The market is down. Motley Fool is crystal clear that their strategy is to buy many stocks and hold for years. It is a long term buy and hold strategy. If you don’t want to follow their strategy then ask for a refund, which they will pro-rate for you. But don’t blame them if you don’t want to follow the strategy.

  18. What fucking fight are these guys watching. I'm sorry I have Kattar winning every round

  19. god, all those wastrels using cruise control instead of pulse and glide.

  20. Race shifting, not engine off coasting like they should - the slow and the calm

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