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  1. SS climate change was around in the 1600s apparently too.

  2. These are great but also hard haha Did not expect The evil has Landed

  3. Cancelling someone over their personal beliefs sucks.

  4. The whole reason was cable cutting now it’s like regression so time to call direct tv hahaha

  5. Comcast is literally the fucking worse and it’s a monopoly

  6. Poison in everything in America to keep population sick and docile. Everything in America is for profit. They knew Cov*d jabs contains poison, more sudden deaths after receiving the 💉

  7. Target says they price match but then Come after their good employees to fire everyone and start new

  8. This. The crash happened in January and has had enough time to transmit throughout a whole city

  9. Left right or center shouldn’t matter. Conspiracies are conspiracies and should be taken as Information.

  10. Massive floods happened when the moon arrived. Perhaps the craft we know as the moon disrupted the tides and made the currents .??

  11. This has nothing to do with vaccinations! Everyone knows that they are safe and effective. Any serious side effects are nothing more than a right wing conspiracy theory. This has all been debunked!

  12. Bit unrelated but anytime I see John Leguizamo in a movie, it puts me off watching it immediately. He's just one of those people. Hilarious Swank has the same effect on me. He's eight about a non laying being cast as fidel but I would not go see that movie if he was cast as fidel.

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