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  1. Simple chemistry... reduce the amount of reactant (oxygen being the reactant)... reduce the amount of product (ozone being the product)

  2. Ammonium will also bond with cation exchange sites in the soil keeping it from runoff into the river.

  3. God is all things. He is the only thing that actually exists. Everything else is a figment of His imagination.

  4. If you are scared, maybe God is trying to tell you something.

  5. I got scared cause I was wondering if I will see my cat again at the end of my life and then I realised I was assuming I would go to Heaven for sure (if afterlife exists) only because I didn't kill anyone or things like that, which was presumptuous from my part

  6. I am of the opinion that pets live on in the afterlife. But who really knows, with God all things are possible.

  7. I would cut out that section of drywall and check behind it for mold.

  8. "The bloc's climate transition will require vast supplies of minerals such as lithium and rare earths to produce green technology like electric car batteries and wind turbines"

  9. The whole reason we are seeing climate change is the build up of CO2 in the atmosphere. The ocean converts 80% of earth's CO2 to oxygen. Dumping waste water from sewage plants into rivers that then dump into the ocean is what is killing off the microbes that would normally convert this CO2 back to O2. Electric vehicles are the latest government BS to combat climate change and are not the REAL problem.

  10. Human waste is decomposing plant and animal matter. It is exactly what you grow organic food with. It feeds the soil microbes establishing a healthy colony in the soil and in the plant. These same bacteria continue to digest the ammonium in your intestine cleansing your body of the toxin.

  11. Or you could just collect a nice fat government check for monitoring CO2 emissions from cow farts.

  12. Whether or not you are lost or damned depends on your attitude toward God. The Jews being God's chosen people seems to me to mean that he likes to pick on them. They catch flack all through history but he loves them all the same. When we sin (do wrong to others) God punishes us for it. Much can be learned from history and how people's actions affected their lives.

  13. And face the wrath of the Empire... you'd be branded a rebel

  14. STD's and other disease are transmitted through the blood.

  15. Blood is also rich in nitrogen which will anaerobically decompose in the intestine to ammonium, which is a poison.

  16. You are correct. I have found ants will try to get away from chemical fertilizers that have been applied to the lawn. I had about 5 colonies living in my crawl space when I moved into my house. After using only organic fertilizer like blood meal on my lawn for a couple years all the ants decided to move out of the crawl space and back into the yard. Chemical fertilizer contains ammonium which is a poison. Ants will try to get away from the poison by moving into your house. They don't really want to be in your house but the poison will absorb through the skin and is quite painful.

  17. You would still need waste water treatment facilities to process waste before putting it in the ground.

  18. Forgot to mention the only real problem with using human waste as fertilizer is in the concentration. Just like chemical fertilizer, human waste will kill plants if the soil becomes too enriched. Treating all waste at the source with septic tanks preferably with a catch tank placed before the drain field to allow watering the lawn and incorporating the sludge from the tank into the topsoil. This would take care of most residential waste treatment.

  19. This is not true. Human waste can be added directly to soil while still fresh. Placing it 6" below the surface would prevent human contact. Soil will drain allowing in oxygen for aerobic bacterial decomposition. It is the anaerobic decomposition that produces the ammonium and the smell.

  20. Government is the real problem. They are the ones pushing people to use waste water treatment facilities. Ammonium kills marine life including phytoplankton and diatoms which would normally convert the CO2 in the air to breathable O2.

  21. That’s always made me wonder if dumping if fertilizer into the ocean could help things out.

  22. It's actually the ammonium (which is ammonia dissolved in water). Dissolving a poison in water does not make it non-poisonous. It kills marine life like a cloud of ammonia would kill air breathing creatures on land. Ammonium is a naturally occurring molecule and forms during anaerobic decomposition. Dumping human waste from waste water treatment facilities is also a source of ammonium contamination in our oceans.

  23. LOL. You just jump from one subject to another, without any evidence of any of them.

  24. Along with that the information to grow nutritious organic vegetables that will make people healthy and well fed. Ammonium free.

  25. Not in the booming voice in the sky sense, no, but I believe the Gods can send visions and dreams that can be interpreted, and since I regularly practice divination, I see it as a way to communicate with them

  26. Be careful you are not divining with demons. They share in God's power over the world and feed on sin. They like to present themselves as Gods as well. I have found only the one God myself. The God of the bible and yes he does talk to me.

  27. I have a feeling that chemical ammonium nitrogen used to grow many flowers today has the greatest impact on bee health. Check the label on any chemical fertilizer and ammonium is a key ingredient. Colony collapse disorder.

  28. I'm concerned as well about EDTA, DTPA and other chelating chemicals as lab studies have shown they can remove zinc and other metals from mouse DNA but I have yet to fully investigate this theory.

  29. Consider waste water treatment facilities impact on ocean life. Ammonium nitrogen kill aquatic life like phytoplankton and diatoms that naturally would convert CO2 to O2. All human and food waste should be deposited into the soil to allow soil bacteria to nitrify and denitrify the ammonium.

  30. Never even heard of it for starters. Sounds like a woke thing.

  31. If you have any left over tiles. Grind the grout out with an angle grinder and concrete disc. Chip out the tile with a rotary hammer. Mortar in new tile and grout. Just the one tile so not too bad.

  32. Marijuana legalization means more people are using hydroponic water soluble fertilizer. When they are done they discard this solution into the toilet or drain. Ammonium nitrogen is usually a component of the fertilizer. Ammonium is poisonous to aquatic life and will kill the phytoplankton and diatoms that convert CO2 to O2. This is what is causing the global warming effect to increase at a more rapid pace. All fertilizer should be dumped into the soil to prevent it from reaching the ocean (poop is fertilizer too). Modern waste water treatment facilities are based on old technology and are not able to handle the demands being placed on them today.

  33. I did not know this but it’s not surprising. People don’t think about or care about how what they do impacts the environment. My philosophy is that every person who is environmentally responsible compounds into a bigger impact. Some people would be like “well it’s just me or I only do this a few times” but if each person doesn’t do that, that adds up to a big reduction in pollution. Over utilization of fertilizer and pesticides has caused a ton of issues in general

  34. Also seems to be a generational curse involved with using the bathroom in the river. If you are the religious sort.

  35. I'm looking into getting a septic tank myself. I just carry my waste water out the door and dump it in the soil currently. I use buckets to catch the waste water from my washing machine, kitchen sink, and toilet then add that waste back into the soil in my yard. Should improve overall soil quality to boot. Makes way more sense than piping it straight to the river where the waste treatment plant is located.

  36. Where everything you flush down the drain goes... the ocean. Modern sewer systems are what is causing global warming. We pay the EPA and local authority for this mess too.

  37. Sad they haven't figured out how to mine the coal without destroying the ecosystem. Lot's of dangerous chemicals can be found in mines and they usually end up in the topsoil killing off wildlife.

  38. Your good fortune depends also on your actions and how you treat others. Sometimes prayer will help us understand where we are making bad decisions in our lives.

  39. Prayer doesn't change God. Prayer changes who prays.

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