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New Orleans Juneteenth Installation

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  1. I’m looking for a Friday night ticket. May hit you up for the weekend pass. Fucking scammers are bombarding these threads

  2. Fuzz is one of the best live shows I’ve ever experienced.

  3. I live in Richmond Virginia and I cannot believe I left them in Baltimore. I’ve never seen Ty Segall or fuzz.

  4. Thank you but I have no idea what to do with this on my iPhone. Anyway I can download it into my iTunes? Thank you

  5. Idiocracy in real life. Society truly is dumbing down at an alarming rate. This behavior is disgusting.

  6. Fewer and fewer smart people are having children. Future’s not looking too bright.

  7. You know. I'm actually worried I don't have children now, and truthfully, scared to see how the people saying we weren't having children would negatively impact us coming true.. The people we considered nuts were right. It might be an actual problem.

  8. Just found out in an interview I saw with Ty Segall last night that him and P. Dwyer both use the DBA Fuzz War. That sold me. I have to get it. No choice really. Just have to get another fuzz pedal

  9. The rule that always worked for me was more gain into less gain. So typically fuzz into distortion into OD.

  10. I use plumes before a rat or before a wampler plexi. Ill reverse it and report back lol. I'm sure I tried it but I dont remember. I change pedal order constantly in my QUEST FOR PERFECT TONE

  11. Yes! I discovered them recently too. I believe they did a single with the Devil and the Almighty Blues

  12. they know what happens to you if you hit a woman

  13. Orange crush pro can keep up with a drummer no problem, and you can probably find one under 500 pretty easily as well. Solid state, but a really solid sounding all analog amp. The EHX Dirt Road Special is another good inexpensive option, the same kind of idea, just a nice solid state analog amp. Better than a modeling amp imo

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