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  1. Very much so, buuuuut they're also old and, although they support the lgbtq+ community, they find it hard to have a trans daughter, but they'll get used to it eventually

  2. As someone who lives in actual Spain, ugh I wish this was the real world

  3. Lmao nice. He viajado a España hace tres años y me encantó. De dónde eres?

  4. Same. That dark hallway in the back too, I feel like I have definitely been here

  5. Ah hello fellow really odd creepy dream pool wanderer how are you

  6. Wait I think you forgot to colour in most of Denmark

  7. Not here buuuut there are thousands of entertaining things I can recommend if ya want

  8. And the way your talking I doubt you have an iq of 140 you prob took it on a free site ngl.

  9. Having an iq of 140 doesn’t classify you as an idiot dumbass😂

  10. Nope, being an idiot classifies me as an idiot but I still have the iq

  11. Psi isn't realy psychic, the stand (idk how to call it) does all the work.

  12. Well, what do you think they could be? My designs arent fully completed and advice is always welcome!

  13. No I just forgot to change my flair last month

  14. Seriously. People keep telling me stuff like “bro just keep a list of things you need to do throughout the day” my guy, I can’t even remember to eat food half the time. You think i’ll remember to check the list?

  15. Exactly this, I kept getting told to make a checklist and keep and agenda to not forget stuff and no one believed me when I kept saying I could not for the life of me remember to do it

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