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  1. As someone who was a driver for almost 13 years and is now a broker. I can tell you the industry seems influx especially with the new FMCSA regs that went into effect some will be good for us. Flexibility is a virtue, try freight that you have not done before and other new areas.

  2. He killed for the US government also. The Black guy they fly in, in the movie Mississippi Burning was based on Scarpa. He was flown to Mississippi to extract info from Klansmen.

  3. Thought you said you were boots on the ground?

  4. I have done the research solid research. Boots on the ground and in archives. Plus, talking to locals and others who have looked into it. I am by no means the first person to say that this house is it. I just simply posted it.

  5. Okay. I am in the area. I’d love to be shown around! Sorry for wrongfully calling you out

  6. Rowan McMaster was 10x's the shot caller Sheeran was. Sheeran peanuts compared to how they made him look in the movie.

  7. Welcome to hell Mr.Purdy. You are not gonna be Purdy after our Defense is done with you

  8. How would they enforce it and what are the criteria used to determine a valid claim by a parent?

  9. It's the ability to see what fuel is at in the 7 days that is great about Truckstop

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