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  1. Is there any way you could bike to and from work with reasonable safety? Some European cities are moving forward toward more walkable/bikeable infrastructure.

  2. Being single is blessing when no one counts on me at home. Yes it’d be nice to have some new guys doing all the back breaking labor ground work so I can just work on my dozer and not be on my feet half the time.

  3. I always liked Doug, he was never my favorite but I liked the frenemies dynamic him and stewie have. I don’t think I’ll miss him much if he is actually dead though.

  4. Only thing that was funny was when they made Chris Pine play him and then Paul Giamatti playing Stewie in that movie about the jungle gym cage thing lol

  5. I don’t think cheating has a whole lot to do with which 16 personalities you are. I think it’s more a matter of your dissatisfaction with the person you’re cheating on.

  6. You think you can keep us OUT OF DEL BOCA VISTA??!! We’re moving in lock, stock, barrel

  7. We gonna be at the clubhouse. We’re gonna be all over that shuffleboard court. AND I DARE YOU TO KEEP ME OUT!!!

  8. Sometimes young Christians get married just to have sex. They push aside a marriage with God as the foundation to make room for a physical marriage.

  9. He’s a spoiled entitled brat that thinks he’s the main character in everyone else’s lives

  10. I’d recognize that flinty voice anywhere

  11. Listen put me on the island with Sally at least we can create some annoying ginger kids if we don’t get rescued

  12. I was waiting for someone to say that lol I mean she is a woman, and I am a man… sooner or later I’ll start finding her attractive😅

  13. 1ZeM says:

    I actually second this, it was useful to know what personality type, the most useful aspect was connecting with other ENTJs, but that’s about it. Too much obsession over MBTI makes it look a lot like astrology.

  14. That trade who they truly are to become a textbook ENTJ, or whatever personality that are. Maybe because they think it’s easier to have that structured pre-written personality rather than go through life figuring out who they are on their own.

  15. Yeah people become a false version of themselves if they get too caught up in only a small percentage of who they are

  16. The problem with these 16 personalities is that people make excuses for their behavior by saying something on the lines of “oh I’m an ENTJ so I can’t help it”. Some people worship this the same as how others worship that astrology bullshit.

  17. That’s amazing! Thanks lol it’d be such a funny episode. I’ll continue later

  18. No JFK Jr? If he’s good enough for The Virgin, he’s good enough for me.

  19. She never wanted to watch it because she thought it was a show for white people? That’s ignorant. I’m white/Indonesian but I love watching BET. Bernie Mac show is my favorite. Glad she enjoyed Seinfeld though lol

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