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  1. Basically, the rich get richer and spend more; while the poor get poorer and take loans or cut down on spending.

  2. This post doesnot support that argument, it's just cherry-picking data to favour it's own story.

  3. Tuada hard work sweaty, sada hard work susu 💦

  4. Bro got slapped on that ass quite hard 🫲

  5. Donate it to a village school. They need computers but government is inefficient in providing them.

  6. Temporarily Fucked, will heal in the long term.

  7. Deployed directly to production without review. Mods ko PIP me daalo.

  8. FWIW parking is a problem at any major city center around the world.

  9. I agree, but they have better (senior citizen friendly) public transport as well, so no need of taking a car.

  10. " dedicated parking place (paid parking was full)... ...huge fines like foreign countries with proper infra."

  11. The police themselves park their huge vans on the leftmost lane, taxi drivers rest and hunt for passengers in that lane, but they have a problem when tourists have to park there. The other 3 lanes are free for traffic flow.

  12. Yes, 2 litre petrol toh manager ne nikaal diya, fir kam paisa bharne bola, still got scammed.

  13. They focus on extorting money from you instead of actually managing traffic.

  14. Don’t waste your money there, buy some investing books instead.

  15. Any good investing books you can recommend for beginners?

  16. You can lookup for John Bogle’s Common Sense Investing book, who is considered the father of index investing. There is a lot of info in this sub’s Wiki as well for free.

  17. Lol, I honestly forgot after posting, woke up to tons of notifications. My bad.

  18. Freedom to do whatever I want without worry because I've accumulated the resources to do so.

  19. Congrats on the profits, but you’ve to ask yourself whether you can consistently beat Nifty for the next 15 years?

  20. It’s good that you realised stocks is not your cup of tea. Stock picking is like a full time job, which most of us employed guys cannot give much time to.

  21. Irrfan Khan at fest of KJ Somaiya, just 5 feet away from me chilling under a large chhatri. Such a charming guy he was. Didn’t stay there long though, left within an hour.

  22. N95 mask bhi kaala pad jaata hai 3 din me

  23. Fadnavis is driving the car, chronology samajh rhe ho?

  24. If you don’t go now, you’ll regret it your while life. It’s better to give short term pain to your parents now rather than ruining your mental health for the long term.

  25. Human error happens in every field. You didn’t do it intentionally don’t worry much. If you’re still scared then try pure veg restaurants next time.

  26. Sue???? India me bhi sue hotay???

  27. The legal fees would be more than the compensation amount.

  28. By this logic Europe should wipe out Russia, China wipe out Japan, Taiwan wipe out China, Middle East wipe out USA.

  29. Yeh Crime Patrol ko itna content kyu mil rha hai aaj kal?

  30. Jindagi 10₹ ki note ki tareh ho rakhi hai

  31. It’s a ticket to Platform 9 3/4. Don’t let the Muggles see you go

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