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  1. Complete The New War and Angels of the Zariman. Also check Lua.

  2. If you try them and succeed, you can handle them.

  3. Go for whatever you think will be the most fun. Things don't have to be useful to be worth doing.

  4. I play a LOT of missions on Ceres, even with me just needing to clear Circulus on Lua to have the entire star chart unlocked (outside of Railjack nodes, anyway).

  5. Yeah, ESO is horrible. I don't get why people spend so much time there (and in other Affinity farms like Hydron).

  6. Or just use fun weapons instead of relying on AoE gimmicks.

  7. It depends on what you like. There's a bunch that are relatively easy to get:

  8. If you have an issue, please explain what it is instead of making us guess.

  9. Deconstructor should only be equippable on Helios.

  10. I'm pretty sure it's a feature. MOAs don't come with a signature weapon, and the ones Legs sells are just considered Sentinel weapons. Sentinels can use all of them too.

  11. In the long run, absolutely. Being able to get a lot of Strength and survivability on a Warframe can be very fun (see: high Strength + Sprint Speed Wisp).

  12. Yeah but DE sometimes overdo some of those references (won't point fingers) to spoil some of things that were supposed to be Warframe but becomes it isn't. Good game have few references & lots of innovations where in bad games, all the things are references to other's works because there aren't any creativity left. So there's a fine point of applying references.

  13. Could you give some examples of references in Warframe that undermine the game's creativity? I'm genuinely curious.

  14. Try starting one of the Bounties with your matchmaking on Public, or ask around in the Recruiting Chat.

  15. Go for whichever one seems the most fun.

  16. Go with whichever one you think the most fun. You can make everything good, so enjoyment is much more important than viability.

  17. You can buy imprints for it from someone, but IMO it's not really worth it. It's a 50/50 of getting a Smeeta and Adarza, and both are very good anyway.

  18. You can if you want, but it probably won't be super useful. You'll be able to get some Prime parts and blueprints for various items, but probably no full sets (not that you'd have the resources to make any Prime items anyway).

  19. I recommend checking out Color Pack: Beta, the Shi armor set, and the Sigma Series armor set + Syandana. You can also get the Valentine palette for 1 Credit in the Market, and the Cherub palette (and some other cosmetics) from Ticker in Fortuna.

  20. Nope. Companions are fine after missions.

  21. I'd go with Pennant because it's cooler.

  22. If you're trying to get banned, you only need a single chat message. If you're a somewhat decent person, it won't happen ever.

  23. If you're not interested in playing the game to the point where you're trying to remove as much interactivity as possible, why not just watch a movie or something?

  24. Getting a Warframe will take more time than getting a weapon, but it shouldn't be too crazy. Go for whatever seems more fun. The resource requirements for most things aren't super steep anyway.

  25. Just focus on whatever seems fun. You can check out trailers on YouTube to get an idea for what has been added.

  26. That's weird. You misspelled Torterra.

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